Havien Nurelle

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Havien Nurelle is a Lord Lieutenant in the Winged Guards, promoted to Gallenne's second for his action sat Dumai's Wells (TPoD, Ch. 9). He is slender, pink cheeked and young looking, though perhaps no younger in actuality than Rand (LoC, Ch. 17). After he learns of Perrin's defence of the Two Rivers, he comes to greatly admire Perrin (LoC, Ch. 54). After the battle at Dumaei's Wells, he no longer seems so young, with a hardness to his eyes, though he continues to almost worship Perrin (TPoD, Ch. 9).



"Lord Perrin, The Aes Sedai. . . . I know they swore to the Lord Dragon, and. . . . I've seen things, Lord Perrin. They do camp chores Aes Sedai! This morning, Masuri and Seonid came down to fetch water! And yesterday, after you returned. . . . Yesterday, I thought I heard someone up there . . . crying out. It couldn't have been one of the sisters, of course, You. . . . You will see that everything is ... all right . . . with them?" (To Perrin, The Path of Daggers, Chapter 9)