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Hopper is a wolf friend that is traveling with Elyas Machera when Perrin Aybara meets him. This is when Perrin first learns that he can communicate with wolves. Hopper is killed by the Whitecloaks protecting Perrin. When he is killed Perrin feels his pain and feels him die.

Hopper got his name because as a pup he watched the eagles soar and wanted to soar like them so he jumped and jumped and jumped until he could leap farther than any other wolf.(TEotW, Ch. 30). In death he is finally able to fly. He now comes to Perrin in tel'aran'rhiod as a guide. Most of the time he comes to Perrin in tel'aran'rhiod when Perrin is in great need. He also comes when he thinks Perrin is in great danger. He also helps Perrin track Shadowspawn and Slayer (This passage needs a reference).

When Perrin asks Hopper to help him control the Wolf Dream, Hopper refuses. When Perrin comes too strongly into the dream, Hopper forces him out (TGS, Ch. 21)


  • Hopper warns Perrin of danger in Tel'aran'rhiod (TDR, Ch. 9)
  • Hopper guards Perrin from Egwene (TDR, Ch. 27)
  • He shows Lanfear to Perrin (TDR, Ch. 36)
  • He forces Perrin out of tel'aran'rhiod (TDR, Ch. 41)
  • He helps Perrin look for Faile (TDR, Ch. 53)
  • He tells Perrin that Slayer is in the wolfdream in the flesh (TSR, Ch. 28)
  • When Perrin is searching for Faile in wolfdream, Hopper tells him to leave and Perrin attacks him (WH, Ch. 5)
  • He meets Perrin during his first return to the Wolf Dream after rescuing Faile. He doesn't understand why Perrin won't run like a wolf with him and refuses to teach him how to control the Wolf Dream (TGS, Ch. 21).
  • He does not understand why Perrin was reshaping metal and is amused that Perrin fears becoming a wolf. He does not understand why Perrin cares about how he killed: "The horn, the hoof, or the tooth". Laughter shook the building and he slammed into Perrin to awaken him. (ToM, Prologue)
  • He gave Perrin a sending of an image of worry for the future, a very un-wolflike attribute. He trained Perrin to run with the wolves and let Perrin take lead on hunting a stag. He stopped Perrin from the kill, as the stag would suffer the last death. (ToM, Ch. 4)
  • He trained Perrin on how to follow and avoid being knocked from the dream. He took Perrin to Emond's Field and told him to remember it to keep from being lost. They find a translucent violet wall, which he called "wrongness". (ToM, Ch. 18)
  • He taught Perrin that Perrin controls his actions, not the wolves. He trained Perrin on how to be where he wants to be in the dream without running. He convinced Perrin to leave when they are being hunted. (ToM, Ch. 24)
  • He took Perrin to the violet wall, which was actually a dome, and mentioned that it was seen in the Age of Legends. He taught Perrin to be strong in himself to pass into the dome. He distracted Slayer so Perrin could help the wounded wolf, Sparks. (ToM, Ch. 28)
  • He trained Perrin to make the dream world "his" by hunting in humans' nightmares. They went to the slopes of Dragonmount and he stated that a choice has to be made. One choice leads to the Last Hunt and the other choice leads to nothing. He trekked toward the peak, but could not stay. When the darkness does not take Rand, he exclaimed that the Last Hunt begins. "We live!". (ToM, Ch. 30)
  • He trained Perrin in the dream although he longed to join the packs headed to the Blight for the Last Hunt. (ToM, Ch. 33)
  • He helped Perrin hunt Slayer. At the top of the White Tower, he has an arrow in his side while Slayer is holding him. Perrin could sense his mind, though weak. Slayer tossed him off the Tower, but Perrin caught him before they hit the ground. Another arrow pierced his back and his mind was fading. Perrin dropped him while avoiding Slayer. (ToM, Ch. 35)
  • He told Perrin to flee and that he must leave Perrin when Perrin stated that he did not want to leave him. He told Perrin to seek Boundless to explain the answer that Perrin found. (ToM, Ch. 38)


"Men. Control, always control" (The Gathering Storm, Chapter 21)

"The strength of this place (Emond's Field) is the strength of you. Stand. Remain. Be you." (ToM, Ch. 18)