The Gathering Storm: Chapter 21

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Wolf Chapter Icon.png

Embers and Ash

Chapter Icon: A Wolf

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: The wolf dream, and Perrin's camp a week out of Malden

Characters: Perrin, Hopper, Faile, Bain, Chiad, Alliandre, and Arrela


Hopper declines teaching Perrin about controlling the Wolf Dream. Faile goes out in the night to pay her respect to Rolan and those who helped them escape Malden.


Perrin "wakes" up to the Wolf Dream, upside down. Hopper soon arrives and tells Perrin to jump down, that it is safe. After jumping down he notices that there is a roiling storm above, and unlike normal weather in the wolf dream, it remains the same for the duration of his stay. Hopper conveys to Perrin that the Last Hunt is coming, and that if Shadowkiller falls to the storm, all will sleep forever. Hopper proceeds to tell Perrin to run with him, which Perrin argues against, not wanting to lose control again. When Perrin asks Hopper to teach him, the wolf ignores him patiently, which causes Perrin to look for other wolves. Hopper tries to stop Perrin, but Perrin draws himself more into the wolf dream, despite Hopper's warnings. Abruptly, something slams into his chest and he wakes from the dream.

Perrin wakes up, to Faile's annoyance, and they have a conversation about Berelain and Faile's jealousy. He grows quiet, and then falls asleep again. She decides to go out into the night but Perrin turns out to still be awake. They continue the earlier conversation for a moment, but Perrin soon falls asleep again and she proceeds out. She meets with Cha Faile and holds a mock funeral for Rolan and the others that helped them in Malden.

Perrin later awakens, to discover that Faile has recently left (he can tell by scent), but thinks she has gone to the privy. He tries to make sense of what Hopper said, but he grows more determined that he must control the wolf inside of him. He soon decides that he must allow Faile to ride with him to the Last Battle, and soon falls asleep.

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