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Author: Val a'Shain

HAH-rahl LOOH-hahn


Haral Luhhan is the blacksmith of Emond's Field and a member of the Village Council. Before leaving the Two Rivers Perrin was his apprentice.

Master Luhhan is, as you would expect from a blacksmith, described as a big man with arms the size of most men's legs (TEotW, Ch. 2).

His age is not mentioned but he must be at least middle aged. Like most Two Rivers folk he's stubborn as a stone but he's also one of the more even tempered men in Emond's Field. Perrin's experiences outside the Two Rivers show him that according to the standards of the outside world, Haral Luhhan is a Master smith and that he taught Perrin well.


  • 998 NE, Winternight, Master Luhhan is waiting in the Winespring inn with the rest of the Village Council for Tam to arrive. Mat is trying to keep away from him for pulling a prank involving Master Luhhan's dogs (TEotW, Ch. 2). Later that day Haral Luhhan is present when Padan Fain arrives in Emond's Field.
  • 998 NE, Winternight/Bel Tine, Master Luhhan takes part in fighting off the Trollocs that attacked Emond's Field (TEotW, Ch. 7).
  • Master Luhhan gives Perrin an axe he made once for a merchant guard who didn't pay for it (TEotW, Ch. 10).
  • 999 NE, Whitecloaks move into the Two Rivers accompanied by Padan Fain. They take the Luhhans prisoner to draw out Rand, Mat and Perrin (TSR, Ch. 29).
  • Perrin's party liberates the Luhhans and Cauthons from the Whitecloak camp (TSR, Ch. 33).
  • Haral Luhhan takes part in the preparations to defend Emond's Field from a Trolloc attack, forging parts for catapults and repairing old weapons (TSR, Ch. 45).
  • Master Luhhan helps defend Emond's Field from Trolloc attacks (TSR, Ch. 56).
  • Later in 999 NE, Haral Luhhan goes in business with a refugee from the Almoth Plain to meet the rising demands of a growing Emond's Field (LoC, Prologue).
  • He visits Perrin and tells him he needs to stop holding back. Perrin says that he hasn't been (AMoL, Ch. 44), but later realises Haral is right and gives everything in his fight with Slayer (AMoL, Ch. 46).


Haral is married to Alsbet (TEotW, Ch. 2), a big woman who is rumoured to be as strong if not stronger than her husband (TGH, Ch. 23).

Perrin is Haral's apprentice until he leaves Emond's field. Until that point Perrin's only ambition is to become a master blacksmith. During his travels he frequently thinks back about his life with the Luhhans.


  • Haral Luhhan can't stand to see butchering done. He turns pale as a sheet if he does (TEotW, Ch. 4).
  • After one too many brandies Master Luhhan likes to sing even though he doesn't have a good voice for it (TEotW, Ch. 6).
  • Egwene Dreams about Master Luhhan being uses as bait by the Whitecloaks while on her way to Tear (TDR, Ch. 48).
  • Rand uses a technique he'd seen Master Luhhan perform on a boy found floating in the Winespring Water to save Mat's life in Rhuidean (TSR, Ch. 26).


"'Trollocs, boy?' Master Luhhan asked in a smoke-hoarse voice. 'Here, too. Here, too. Well, we may have been luckier than anyone has a right to be, if you can credit it. He needs the Wisdom. Now where in the Light is she? Egwene!'"
(Haral Luhhan to Rand when he brings a wounded Tam to Emond's Field; The Eye of the World, Chapter 7)

"Master Luhhan, in his blacksmith's vest and long leather apron, caught Stepper's bridle. 'Perrin, you have to help me. The Warders want me to make parts for more of those catapults, but I've twenty men clamoring for me to repair bits of armor their grandfathers' fool grandfathers bought from some fool merchants' guards.'
'I would like to give you a hand,' Perrin said, 'but I have something else that needs doing. I'd likely be rusty, anyway. I haven't had much work at a forge the last year.'
'Light, I didn't mean that. Not for you to work a hammer.' The blacksmith sounded shocked. 'Every time I send one of those goose-brains off with a bee in his ear, he's back ten minutes later with a new argument. I cannot get any work done. They'll listen to you.'"
(Master Luhhan asking Perrin for help; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 45)