Perrin's Return To The Two Rivers

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Author: Darian Coralis

Essay submitted for raising to Soldier.

I have decided to write my Essay about Perrin's return home.

The Shadow Rising Book four of the Wheel of Time Perrin learns that the Children of the Light have invaded The Two Rivers. Perrin decides to go to the Two Rivers and give himself to the Whitecloaks to stop them from hurting his people. But it would take weeks to get to the Two Rivers on horseback but only a day or two in the Ways. So, Perrin went to see Loial the Ogier, who befriended them in Book 1, entitled The Eye of the World. Only to find out that Faile, the woman that Perrin loves has gotten Loial to promise to take her anywhere she chooses, and she chose the Two Rivers. But she would not let Perrin join until he asks her. Perrin refuses but to Loial's shock decides to follow them through the Ways. Gaul the Aielman that Perrin saved comes and informs Perrin that he will be joining his party to the Two Rivers because he owes Perrin a blood debt and that Rand has asked him to go with Perrin. Bain and Chiad had joined Faile's party. After they make it through the Ways, Perrin asks Loial to seal the Waygate forever. Loial refuses but makes it so that you can only open it from the outside by putting both Avendesora leaves on the outside part of the door to the Waygate. They camp near there. In the morning Perrin and Gaul leave early before Faile and her company wake up.

Perrin goes to Emond's Field and meets with Egwene's mother Marin al'Vere and father Bran al'Vere and informs them of his plan. Faile hears this and informs him that he is an "utter idiot" and an "addle-brained lummox". Perrin is then informed by Bran al'Vere that the Trollocs are back and that his whole family has been killed and that Mat's house was burned down and his family along with Haral and Alsbet Luhhan were taken prisoner. Perrin also learns that Padan Fain is with the Whitecloaks. Perrin decides to stay and is taken with the rest of the group to a hiding place to find out that Alanna Sedai and Verin Sedai are there as well. A few minutes later Tam al'Thor and Abell Cauthon show up. Perrin learns about where they are being held captive and decides to see the Whitecloak camp. On the way there Perrin convices people to go to Emond's Field where it would be safer and he meets Lord Luc who likes Faile is a Hunter of the Horn. When they get to the Whitecloak camp Perrin decides to save them now instead of later and sneaks into the camp with Faile, Gaul, Chiad and Bain. Perrin puts on the uniform of a Whitecloak and sneaks into the tent where the captives are and frees them and has them taken into hiding until they can make it to Emond's Field while Perrin and his Band of Two Rivers' men go hunting for Trollocs.

Perrin is asked to come back to Emond's Field, since he is injured in a battle against the Trollocs after he was shot at with a barbed arrow. They find the Tinker's Camp on the way to Emond's Field and there Perrin is worked on by Ila, Raen's wife. He falls asleep and talks with Slayer and learns that the Waygate is open again. He learns that Faile is the daughter of Davram of House Bashere. Perrin tells Faile about his wolf-like abilities and that he can talk to wolves, Faile calls him "Her Wolf King". When Perrin returns to Emond's Field he finds that they have fortified the town. Perrin tells Loial that the Waygate is open again. Alanna Heals him and when he wakes up he is told about Loial and Gaul going to close the Waygate for good in which they are successful. The first wave of Trollocs come, but only five hundred in number, since they were there to test the Emond Fielders. They were handled quickly and easily. The Tinkers who come for the other side and are thought to be Trollocs as well but Perrin invites them in. Aram grabs a sword and asks if Perrin can teach him to weild it, and Perrin directs him to Tam. The Whitecloaks come with a messenger who dies after just saying were coming and Dain Bornhald informs them that one of the towns had been burned. Perrin offers the Whitecloaks to enter as long as they will help with the defences and they can arrest Perrin afterwards,to which they agreed. Loial and Gaul return. Gaul is injured and informs Perrin that the Gate is closed for good and that there are thousands still in Two Rivers. Perrin enter the Wolf's Dream and and shoots Slayer,and when he wakes up he finds out that Lord Luc was here with an arrow wound. Perrin sends Faile for help, she takes Bain with her, Chiad wouldn't leave Gaul's side. The last battle commences and as they are about to be overcome, men from Deven Ride and Watch Hill came and attacked from the back. The Whitecloaks come to take Perrin away and Perrin finds out that they didn't help at all. So he refuses to go with them. The people from Watch hill escort them out of Two Rivers.