Winter's Heart: Chapter 31

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Wheel and Serpent Chapter Icon.png

What the Aelfinn Said

Chapter Icon: Wheel and Serpent

Point of View: Mat

Setting: Ebou Dar

Characters: Mat, Egeanin, Seta, Renna, Bayle Domon, Nestelle din Sakura South Star, Tylin, Teslyn, Tuon, Noal, Juilin, Amathera, Selucia, Edesina


Mat frees one of the Windfinders kept as damane. He finds out that Tylin is back and she asks him to tie her in order to avoid being associated with the events that night. Mat confronts Tuon and proclaims she is his wife three times after being told she is the Daughter of the Nine Moons, taking her and Selucia with them.


Mat and Egeanin are heading to the Kennels with Seta and Renna, looking for the Aes Sedai damane. They move up to the top floor of the palace. He lets Egeanin and the others move off as he has work of his own to do. Once they are gone from view, he enters the room of a Sea Folk woman. He wakes her and asks what she would do if he removes the a'dam. She replies that, if the light were willing, she would free her sisters, then they would free the rest of her captive people, take back their ships and fight their way to the sea. She then says that the thought of escape has reminded her of who she is and she will never yield. He asks her to wait three hours before leaving. She asks his name and agrees, calling him a good and great man, which he disputes.

He leaves the room and sees Teslyn, held by Renna, and Egeanin confronted by a der'sul'dam, who is saying that Teslyn is not fully trained and should not be taken out. Egeanin insists, letting him know not to attack the woman and he leaves again to go to Tylin's room, where she has unexpectedly returned after Suroth had learned of an army vanishing in Murandy. She kisses him, and slaps him hard for trying to sneak off. She wants him to stay one more night with her, but he tells her he must leave tonight and that he wants to take the Aes Sedai with him. She insists he tie her up to allay suspicion and leaves her.

He runs into Tuon, who tells him she cannot allow him to leave. He tries to grab her, but she attacks and it is all he can to to keep her blows off him. She is about to kick him when Noal appears and wraps his arms around her. Together, they tie her up and Noal tells Mat that he is also leaving that night. While she is on the floor, Juilin arrives, with Amathera, who he has talked into escaping. Mat tells him he intends to leave Tuon in the stables, which seems to disappoint Noal.

The others arrive and when Egeanin sees Tuon, she tells Mat that it is death by slow torture to lay hands on the Daughter of the Nine Moons, at which the two sul'dam drop to their knees. This shocks Mat to the core. Remembering what the Aelfinn told him, that he would marry the Daughter of the Nine Moons, Mat tells Egeanin that Tuon is his wife and she slaps him, telling him he must not say that, which he does, twice more. Selucia interupts, eluding Domon. Mat tells her to be easy, but she replies that she will obey him as long as he doesn't harm Tuon, but if he does, she will kill him, which amuses him. Noal asks if he is going to leave Selucia in the hayloft as well, but he replies that they are taking both of them with them.

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