Spring 2021 Executive Meeting

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The Executive team, made up of the Officers and Directors, meet four times a year to check in as a full group, review our progress together and make some strategic decisions. Sometimes we come up with big changes, and sometimes they are smaller changes to make people's lives easier. Sometimes there are no changes at all!

The Spring 2021 Executive meeting was held on April 3. The members of the Executive team in attendance were:


Administrative notes

Membership survey outline/plan - The membership survey planning is underway. We are planning to launch it June 1st and leave it open through June 30th. Results will be shared in July. Keep an eye out in June for it! We will post it in Site Announcements and your Membership Admins will post it in your group forums. Directors will be working with their department admins to decide what they need feedback on for their department, so if you are a staff member look out for those discussions and participate!

Department Updates

Community Outreach

  • Great Charity Hunt: Working to track monthly campaigns/progress; Adding any participation will be very helpful - please encourage participation if possible
  • Annual Fundraiser - t-shirt and other activities in planning for May

Events and Conferences

  • No TarValon.Net events in 2021 for safety
  • Banner replacements are still in the works
  • JordanCon 2021 will be held in-person July 16-18th, so we are discussing how TarValon can participate safely.
  • Online Anni replacement event – A small Discord event is in the works, where there will be Amyrlin Awards presentation, annual membership awards, Great Charity Hunt results, multiple exec hours across time zones will join;


  • Podcast update: Our new podcast, TarValon Talks is in production and we are hoping to launch in May! The podcast team has been working hard- keep an eye out for the first episode in Site Announcements in May.
  • Front Page update is coming- bookmark your forum link because the home page will soon be switching to the main website page. As previously discussed last summer, this will help us with search engine optimization, so it is an important update.


  • Discontinuing annual membership cleanup - The membership cleanup process has been changed. You will no longer need to log in and post to avoid getting cleaned up. The Membership Admins will help us keep track of who is active/not active, which will allow us to capture activity across all of our channels (Social media, Discord, etc.) rather than just forum activity. The forum is the heart of our community, but activity across all official channels should count. We think this adjustment will also help the Membership Admins be more in tune with their members.
  • Age Appropriate Content for each forum - We have existing age requirements for different levels of membership to our community, and so we are going to start making sure on the forums those levels have access to certain content appropriate to the age that can see it. As we get new members, and some current members invite their younger family to join, we want them to be comfortable with the content they have access to. To be clear, we have not changed the age requirements at all, we are only increasing awareness about them. This will be a community effort to be conscious of what kind of language you are using in various forums, and our moderators, membership admin, etc. will help to keep us all on track.
    • In general, we like to keep the public-facing forums PG-13.
    • Current minimum age requirements: Citizen = 13, Tower = 14, Accepted = 15, Senior Member = 18
    • Each forum description has now been updated to include information about what age people have access to each board - please keep your posts age-appropriate.
    • Religion & Spirituality / News & Politics will continue to be unmoderated

Research and Records

  • We are launching a site-wide Wheel of Time re-read beginning May 3rd with Eye of the World and lasting for 8 weeks
  • Merits Clarification Mega-Post: Working to very clearly state eligibility and qualifications for each merit and post that proactively


  • Test site status - Mendo’s coverage of daily requests has allowed Deoan to get the dev site up and running - huge step forward! Next step is allowing updates to be shared between dev site and live site
  • Ticketing system or something similar may be used in the future - it could be helpful to provide visibility of work in progress and using the forums for tracking tickets/threads