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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion, confirming the information. Other information is also included in the Companion, but we did not use it in the TarValon.Net Library. STEHD-ding


Steddings are the homes of Ogier. Each is fairly large, typically the size of a large village, or even small town (TGH, Ch. 38) and all are some distance, at least a day, from human inhabitation, though many are more isolated still, days away, in places such as the Spine of the World or Mountains of Mist (LoC, Ch. 20).

Inside a stedding, a person is not able to feel the source, much less channel, though the cause for it is unknown. At the center, is usually the remains of one of the great trees, known as the stump. Creatures of the Dark One, and even truly dedicated Darkfriends feel uncomfortable in a stedding (TEotW, Ch. 29). Most inhabited stedding are connected by the Ways, through gateways just outside the borders (TEotW, Ch. 43). Since the Breaking of the World, Ogier have been bound to the stedding, and will die if they spend too long outside them (TGH, Ch. 35).

Within the stedding, houses often take the form of mounds in the ground, with natural seeming windows with stone frames (TGH, Ch. 35). The Great Trees grow throughout, often in the town itself, whre ramps take paths over them. Central to each town is the stump of one of the Great Trees, as much as a hundred paces across and highly polished (TGH, Ch. 35).


(Unless stated otherwise, all information herein is taken from The World of Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time", Chapter 11. ).

alt a map of the continent, outlining the position of Altara in the south coast
The Spine of the World

Stedding Qichen

Stedding Sanshen

Stedding Handu

Stedding Chanti

Stedding Lantoine

Stedding Yongen

Stedding Mashong

Stedding Sintiang

Stedding Taijing

Stedding Kolomon

Stedding Daitang

Stedding Shangtai: Known Ogier Haman, Loial, Covril, Voniel

Kinslayer's Dagger

Stedding Yontiang

The Borderlands

Stedding Chosium (Saldaea)

Stedding Jongai (Saldaea)

Stedding Saishen (Saldaea)

Stedding Chiantal (Kandor)

Stedding Shanjing (Arafel)

Stedding Tanhal (Arafel)

Stedding Sholoon (Shienar) - Eldest Lindsar

The Black Hills

Stedding Feindu

Stedding Shajin

Stedding Shamendar

The Mountains of Mist

Stedding Chinden

Stedding Tsofan

Stedding Yandar

Stedding Madan

Stedding Jinsuin

Stedding Shangloon

The Shadow Coast

Stedding Shadoon

Stedding Mardoon


Stedding Mintai (north of the River Dhagon)

Stedding Wenchen (north of the River Dhagon)

Stedding Nurshang between Kinslayer's Dagger and Shienar)

Stedding Tsofu (In Cairhien): Known Ogier - Erith, Iva

Stedding Cantoine (North of the River Iralell)

Stedding Jinshin (Haddon Mirk)

The Blight

Stedding Sherandu (LoC, Ch. 20).

Stedding Chandar (LoC, Ch. 20).

There are also abandoned stedding, where the numbers became too few to sustain them, in the Mountains of Mist, The Spine of the World, the Shadow Coast, Almoth Plain, near the Paerish Swar and north of Toman Head.