Tarna Feir

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Tarna Feir is an Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah. She was a novice for nine years and Accepted for at least four. During this time, she had few friends, though she seemed not to notice the lack. Moiraine thinks that, as far she knows, Tarna never played a joke on anyone. (NS, Ch. 3)

Tarna is arrogant and, as far as Moiraine is concerned, has no sense of humor. She doesn't show much emotion and is very aloof. She is also very composed; in "New Spring", Moiraine finds herself thinking that Tarna will pass the test for Aes Sedai on her first try. (NS, Ch. 3) Elaida considers her to be "a Red with no room in her head for nonsense." (ACoS, Prologue)

Tarna is of medium height (taller than Siuan) and has pale yellow hair, cold blue eyes and a strong jaw. She is from northern Altara. (NS, Ch. 3; CoT, Ch. 22)

Upon going to the Tower to become a novice, Tarna was a wilder. She had a block that kept her from reaching for saidar with her eyes open. It was Galina Casban who got rid of her block; she did this by beating Tarna until she howled and wept. (LoC, Ch. 13)



  • Tarna is raised to Accepted a year before Moiraine and Siuan. (NS, Ch. 3)
  • Tarna has worn the shawl for about twenty years. (CoT, Ch. 22)
  • Pevara recalls Tarna as being a jumpy novice. (CoT, Ch. 22)
  • Despite the fact that Tarna is the Keeper and therefore technically no longer of the Red Ajah, she remains in her rooms in the Red Ajah quarters. (CoT, Ch. 22)
  • The Keeper's stole that Tarna wears is a brilliant scarlet that nearly shines (CoT, Ch. 22). It is little more than a ribbon (KoD, Ch. 2).


"The novices have been given a freeday, so no classes today. The Accepted are summoned to the Oval Lecture Hall. The Amyrlin is going to address us. One other thing you should know. Gitara Moroso died just a few hours ago." (New Spring, Chapter 3)

"I am not certain congratulations are in order. Elaida insisted, and I could not refuse. Much has changed since I left the Tower, inside as well as out. Alviarin made everyone...watchful...of the Keeper. I suspect some will want her birched, when she finally returns." (Tarna to Pevara about being raised to Keeper; Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 22)

"I see no other way to handle these Asha'man. Red sisters must bond them as Warders. If there is any way, I will be among the first, but it must be done." (Tarna to Pevara; Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 22)

"The coldness—almost lifelessness—she’d seen in Tarna’s eyes still chilled her" (Pevara, Towers of Midnight, Chapter 53)