The Fires of Heaven: Chapter 1

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Author: Val a'Shain

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Fanning the Sparks

Chapter Icon: The Lion of Andor

Points of View: Min, Gareth Bryne, Alteima, Morgase


Min's Point of View:

Setting: Kore Springs in Andor

Characters: Min, Siuan, Leane, Admer Nem, Gareth Bryne, Joni, Logain, Caralin

Min, Siuan and Leane are locked up in a shed in a town called Kore Springs in Andor after accidentally burning down a shed belonging to Admer Nem. They were seeking shelter for the night there when the owner caught them. Logain knocked the man down and made a run for it. In the process Admer Ned dropped his lantern resulting in the loss of the barn and several cows. Min, Siuan and Leane, those are not the names they are using now of course, are now waiting for the local lord to settle the matter. Min asks Siuan what she thinks their penalty will be. Siuan seems to think a strapping on the village square is most likely. Siuan is obviously frustrated by not finding a word on a gathering of Aes Sedai and by this new obstacle in their way.

Leane is making adjustments to her dress. When she is done she takes out the case with make up Min is still carrying around. Min wants to know if Leane is going to take up flirting. As it turns out that is exactly what she has in mind, she might get them a lighter sentence. Siuan doesn't believe that is all of the reason. Leane tells her she will take up acting as a Domani woman to try and fill the void stilling has left.

They​ are lead before the local lord, Gareth Bryne, and Admer Nem makes his case. He tells a more or less true version of the event although he omits the part where Bryne's men were in time to stop a hanging, embellishes the fight to make himself look better and exaggerates how much was stolen. Min also doubts the part about a stolen purse but she doesn't quite put it beyond Logain. Leane speaks in defence of them and her new-found grace and Domani manners seem to help a bit. Lord Bryne will cover Nem's losses and the three of them will work for him to repay the debt. Depending on whether they are willing to swear an oath to serve him they will work in the manor or the fields, with or without guards. To Min's amazement Siuan swears to work to pay the debt on her hope of rebirth and salvation, the strongest oath there is. Leane and Min soon follow her example.

A guard named Joni is assigned to take them to the manor in a wagon. Siuan explains that she was very careful not to suggest they would serve right now and that she intends to make a run for it as soon as she is sure they aren't guarded. She has met Bryne before and she was afraid he might recognize her voice. She regrets having to cross him, it seems the man has a backbone. Then Logain appears and knocks out Joni. It turns out he did indeed steal that purse but he won't hand it over to Siuan. After a bit of arguing they decide to go on together for now. When that is decided Min sees the aura of glory around him again.

Gareth Bryne's Point of View:

Setting: Kore Springs in Andor

Characters: Gareth Bryne, Caralin, Joni Shagrin, Barim

Gareth Bryne gets ready to pursue the three oath breakers. He is very surprised they did make a run for it. He leaves the manor in the capable hands of Caralin, who has been managing it for years while he was leading Andoran armies. Bryne is the last of his line and Caralin has been trying to interest him in women since he was sent away by Morgase. She seems to think the Domani girl might be the one. Bryne is for some reason more intrigued by the girl from Tear.

Gareth turns to the group of graying, experienced soldiers he is taking with him on this chase. Dependable men every one of them. Then one of his men comes back from New Braem, a small city not too​ far from the Bryne estate. He tells him of the fall of the Stone and a man who drew Callandor, of the deposing of Siuan Sanche, her death and the death of the false Dragon Logain. Big news indeed but none of it is his concern any more. Bryne orders his men to get moving. He has some oath breakers to catch.

Alteima's Point of View:

Setting: The Royal Palace in Caemlyn

Characters: Alteima, Tallanvor, Morgase, Gaebril

High Lady Alteima arrives at the Royal Palace in Caemlyn for an audience with Queen Morgase. She is annoyed with having to put up with her clumsy Andoran maid but it is the best she can do for now. An officer named Tallanvor takes her to the Queen. Alteima has heard rumours about Morgase having a new lover. When she sees the Queen in a dress she wouldn't have worn for any man before it becomes clear who is dominant in their relationship. Morgase is obviously in love and probably quite protective.

Morgase asks how her husband is. This is a setback for Alteima, she didn't think Morgase would remember that. They only met once. She replies that he was well last time she saw him and that he is now serving the Dragon Reborn. Morgase remembers Rand, her advisor Elaida warned her about him. Alteima asks Morgase if she has replaced Elaida now that she is Amyrlin. That seems to be a dangerous subject. Morgase says she most certainty did not replace her yet she seems very proud of her daughter Elayne who has been raised to Accepted. Morgase tells her she wants to know about Rand. That is the opening Alteima has been waiting for.

Gaebril now enters the room and Morgase beams at him. Gaebril tells Morgase she should rest for a while. The annoyed look on her face quickly disappears when he puts a hand on her shoulder. She leaves the room. Gaebril now starts asking Alteima questions and she feels the urge to answer him with the truth, to please him like Morgase can't even think of. She tells him she tried to murder her husband and that she is now here because of it, she tells about what happened in Tear everything Gaebril wants to know.

Morgase's Point of View:

Setting: the Royal Palace in Caemlyn

Characters: Morgase

Once in her bedchamber she sends the attendants out. Why did she tell Gaebril she was tired? Or did he tell her? Why does she think of Bryne all of a sudden? Morgase is confused but falls asleep quickly.


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Visions and Prophecies

Min's Viewings
  • (About Logain) "For an instant, to Min's eyes, a halo flared around his head, a radiant crown of gold and blue."

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