The Shadow Rising: Chapter 37

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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Imre Stand

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Points of View: Rand, Mat


Rand and the Aiel arrive at Imre Stand, where they are attacked by Trollocs and Myrdraal during the evening.


Rand's Point of View:

Setting: Imre Stand

Characters: Rand, Aviendha, Rhuarc, Adelin, Mat, Isendre, Kadere, Lan

The Aiel and their companions reach Imre Stand. Aviendha continues to speak to Rand of Elayne, and he becomes angry. "You don't show any respect for the Dragon Reborn, but you could try finding a little for the Car'a'carn."

Adelin and a group of Maidens approach, and tell Rhuarc that there is trouble ahead at Imre Stand. Rhuarc and the Jindo take off to see what is wrong, and Rand, Aviendha and Mat follow more slowly. They reach Imre Stand, and Rand is somewhat surprised. "A few widely scattered clumps of long-haired white goats browsed on patches of tough grass and even the leaves of thorny bushes. At first he did not see the crude stone building set against the base of a tall butte; the rough stonework blended in perfectly, and several thornbushes had taken root on the dirt-covered roof. Not very big, it had arrowslits for windows and only one door that he could see. After a moment he spotted another building, no larger, tucked onto a ledge some twenty paces higher. A deep crevice ran up to the ledge and beyond from behind the stone house at the base; there was no other evident way to reach the ledge." Rhuarc and Aviendha are disturbed. Aviendha says: "The goats. Raiders would not have left any goats behind." Rhuarc adds: "Why does no one come out? They should be able to see my face, and know me."

They enter the building. It has been ransacked, and there is blood everywhere. Mat thinks that it is the work of Trollocs, but Aviendha disagrees. The Wise Ones, as well as Moiraine and Lan, inspect the building.

Kadere leads a dark-haired young woman dressed in a red silk gown and red velvet slippers out of one of the wagons, and accompanies her around to see the 'sights.' These include the blood-splattered building and Rand. Kadere and Rand talk. Kadere tells Rand that he has heard about Callandor, and Rand tells him that you should believe nothing you hear, and only half of what you see. After he leaves, Aviendha once again berates Rand because he had been looking at Isendre, telling him again that he belongs to Elayne.

After Rand tries to walk away from Aviendha, he and Lan practice sword fighting. They talk about Aiel battle tactics and later, duty. After this, Rand practices spears with Rhuarc.

Mat's Point of View:

Setting: Imre Stand

Characters: Mat, Jasin Natael, Keille, Rhuarc, Rand, Aviendha, Egwene, Moiraine

Leaning against one of the peddlers wagons, Mat is deep in thought. He thinks about wanting to leave the Aiel Waste and about the trading going on between the peddlers and the Aiel before his mind shifts to Rhuidean. He thinks of how the holes in his memories seem to have been filled in with recollections from different lifetimes. "Sa souvraya niende misain ye," he says. "I am lost in my own mind." Jasin Natael, a gleeman, hears and approaches him. The conversation starts off on the topic of Rand, and then switches to Rhuidean. He tells Natael of what he saw there, though he leaves out all the important parts, like the twisted door ter'angreal.

Keille appears and she and Natael have a short fight about what he is supposed to be doing.

Later, Mat eats with Heirn and Rand at Rhuarc's fire. After the meal is finished, Natael sings for them, starting off with a song named Midean's Ford. As the song progresses, Mat remembers being there in another life.

As the songs comes to an end, an attack from Trollocs begins. Rand fights with his fiery sword of saidin, and Mat fights with his ashandarei. He, with the help of the Aiel, kills a Myrddraal.

When the battle ends, Rand, followed by Aviendha, asks Mat if he is all right. His reply is: "Oh, I am fine. Nothing like a little dance with Trollocs to ready you for sleep. Right, Aviendha?"

Rhuarc appears with bad news. He tells them that fifty Trollocs attacked the Wise Ones' camp, and that it was only because of Moiraine that they had survived. The Shaido were also attacked, though with less numbers; Rhuarc mentions that this is strange, as there are more Shaido than Taardad.

After Mat leaves to go to sleep, Moiraine appears, and examines Rand. She tells him that the attack was aimed at him. Egwene appears and gets mad at him, thinking that he is trying to upset Moiraine. He goes to his tent, with Aviendha following him.


Character Development

  • Mat has begun having thoughts of battle arrangements and strategies.
  • Mat acknowledges that his memories, where there were holes in previously, are now filled with other men's memories.
  • Mat acknowledges that he can easily read the Old Tongue now.
  • Mat remembers a war before the Trolloc wars - Midean's Ford. The memory was of a man close enough to king Buiryn to advise him.
  • Mat relies on the other men's memories to fight with the spear he got from Rhuidean.


First Mention

Aedomon, Buiryn

First Appearance

Adelin, Isendre, Jasin Natael

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