TarValon.Net's January 2021 Recap

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Author: Ilverin Matriam
Published: January 31 2021 Tar Valon Times Blog

It is a new year! 2020 was an exceptionally difficult year for much of our membership, but sticking together as a community helped us though. 2021 is a new year and we hope that it’s filled with beautiful and peaceful moments!


January at TarValon.Net began with a lot of announcements and many new beginnings!

  • In the beginning of the month, TarValon.Net found out that we had been nominated for r/Fantasy subreddit’s Stabby Awards in the category “Best Fantasy Site of 2020”.
  • There are many photos taken at our Real Life events every year. If you would like (or not like) your photo to be shared on our Social Media Channels, in the Tar Valon Times (Blog) or the TarValon.Net Library Wiki you can now fill a form to state your preference. You can read more about the form here.
  • The Merit Badges for January were announced and many people were awarded merits in different categories. You can check all of them out in Part 1 and Part 2. Congratulations to everyone!
  • The Department of Community Outreach launched the 2021 Blood Drive. You can check this thread here about how the blood drive works and how to donate.
  • Demotions and bond dissolutions were announced this month. The thread is only for informational purposes and you can check it out here.
  • At TarValon.Net the Feast of Lights celebration is normally the time of an annual fundraiser which helps the members embrace being Servants of All. This year TarValon.Net used the Feast of Lights to share the causes chosen by our membership groups for The Great Charity Hunt. You can read more about the different causes in the following blog posts:
    • For the Brown Ajah/Mahdi’in d’ma Dieb Company group’s and the Gray Ajah’s chosen causes: here.
    • For the Val Cueran Company’s and the Yellow Ajah’s chosen causes: here.
    • For the Green Ajah’s and the San D’ma Shadar Company’s chosen causes: here.
    • For the Dai M’Hael Company’s and the “Of All and None” group’s chosen causes: here.
    • For the Blue Ajah and the Red Ajah’s chosen causes: here.


The City of TarValon.Net hired its new City Architects: Dar'Jen Ab Owain, Lyndo Shiranui and Melorea al'Taehor! Congratulations to all of you and we wish you luck in your new positions!


We saw a new bond, the Light help us all, connecting two people, who have sworn to fight the Shadow together! Many congratulations to Zashara Sho'am of the Brown Ajah and Venric Methalion of Mahdi’in d’ma Dieb Company on their bond. If you like GIFs, you should definitely check their awesome bonding applications in the thread here.


We didn’t have many open positions at TarValon.Net during January, but the ones we have are of particular significance:

  • Our really long-time serving Director of Membership, Sa'areah Britthorn, decided that it was time to give the reins of this very demanding department to a new person. We would like to say a huge Thank You to Sa’areah Sedai for all the effort she put into her work and for taking care of our Membership, here at TarValon.Net. The applications for this position are due February 3rd, if you’re interested in applying look how to it in this thread here.
  • Alenya Al'Roran, Director of Marketing is looking for a new Social Media Manager, with the applications are due February 2nd. You can find more about the position here. We would like to say thank you to Bruce al'Kay, who really did a great job with our social media presence in the past 6 months.
  • As always, keep in mind that the Department of Marketing is always on the look out for new people, so if you’re interested in joining our biggest department, see how to apply here. Writers, artists and social media enthusiasts are all welcome!

Keep an eye out for the TVT Takeover for February…. Brown Ajah Edition!