The Brown Ajah in 2016

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1: Keara Careen becomes Heart.

Unknown: Sela Narian leaves the Merit Staff.


3: Loraella Melodie steps down as Welcome Committee Scribe.


25: Serenla Tamowith becomes Conference Coordinator.

28: Jenalla Selar Aspires.


1: Eluial Aldaran and Leira Galene are chosen as Sitters for the Spring 2016 term.

1 - 4: Ayendra Kisharad, Eniara Kisharad, and Naomi al'Moranwin attend Anniversary Party 2016 in Placerville, California, USA Ayendra wins the Test of Wit during the Amyrlin's Tournament.

6: Four Members' Choice Awards go to Browns: Sela Narian wins both Most Likely to Win but Not Even Know They Were Nominated and Most likely to Object to the capitalisation, Alexstrasz Ruskein wins Most Representative of Wheel of Time Nation (Shayol Ghul), and Shara Nevan wins Best Bonded Couple together with Murasaki al'Aevon.

13: Lilli O'Neeus steps down as Mistress of Revels (North America).

22 - 24: Adolla Ceryia, Alexstrasz Ruskein, Amela Ba'asa, Ayendra Kisharad, Eluial Aldaran, Eniara Kisharad, Jenalla Selar, Serenla Tamowith, Shaerlyn Storna, Shara Nevan, and Sulamein Jorh'aran attend JordanCon 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, on April 22 - 24.


3: Ayendra Kisharad becomes Current Events Forum Moderator.

31: Serenla Tamowith and Stasia t'Andrei join the Social Marketing Team.


1: Avery d'Itkarya becomes Heart. Aintza Bisera leaves the Social Marketing Team.

5: Avery d'Itkarya becomes Olde Warder and Hen Forum Moderator.


1: The August 2016 issue of the Brown Bulletin is published.


1: Adolla Ceryia and Catt Heckathorne are chosen as Sitters for the Fall 2016 term.

2: Ayendra Kisharad steps down as Current Events Forum Moderator.


1: Lilli O'Neeus becomes Heart.

12: Leira Galene is awarded the Moderator of the year Keeper's Award.

20: Jenalla Selar is raised Aes Sedai.

24: Jenalla Selar Bonds Bayrd al'Syeen.

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