The Brown Ajah in 2015

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1: Loraella Melodie and Serenla Tamowith are chosen as Sitters for the Spring 2015 term.

27: Ashlyn Sindal and Leira Galene Aspire.

29: Aintza Bisera Aspires.


1: Elorenya d'Rahien and Naomi al'Moranwin leave the Department of Technology Staff.

13 - 15: Aintza Bisera, Alexstrasz Ruskein, Ashlyn Sindal, Lilli O'Neeus, Naomi al'Moranwin, Serenla Tamowith, and Stasia t'Andrei attend Anniversary Party 2015 in Red Top Mountain, Georgia, USA.

14?: Taika Vinh is awarded the Philanthropy of the Year Amyrlin's Award.

15?: Eluial Aldaran wins Members' Choice Awards for both Most Discerning Moderator and Member You'd Most Like to Meet in Real Life, and the award for Best Real Life Couple goes to Zashara and Raam Sho'am.

31: Zashara Sho'am steps down as Chat Operator.


2: Leira Galene becomes Current Events Forum Moderator.

12: Mirandha Laflor steps down as Survey Project Manager.

17 - 19: Adolla Ceryia, Alexstrasz Ruskein, Amela Ba'asa, Ismene Gillandred, Serenla Tamowith, Shaerlyn Storna, Shara Nevan, and Sulamein Jorh'aran attend JordanCon 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

20: Yelenia Hylraren Aspires.

24: Ashlyn Sindal and Leira Galene are raised Aes Sedai.


1: Aintza Bisera becomes Tower Voice.

24: Yelenia Hylraren is raised Aes Sedai. Zashara Sho'am joins the Merit Staff.

27: Aintza Bisera is raised Aes Sedai.

28: Yelenia Hylraren Bonds Bao the Wyld and James Davion.


1: Cassie Dainar is announced as Shatayan in Training. Aintza Bisera transitions from the position of Tower Voice into the Social Marketing Team.

27: Loraella Melodie becomes Welcome Committee Scribe.


1: Cassie Dainar becomes Shatayan. Eluial Aldaran becomes Heart.


24: Shara Nevan Bonds Murasaki al'Aevon.


9: Lia Kellenit Aspires.

30: Eluial Aldaran steps down as Mafia Moderator.


1: Alexstrasz Ruskein and Shaerlyn Storna are chosen as Sitters for the Fall 2015 term.

2 - 4: Loraella Melodie attends Britain and Ireland Party 2015 in Dublin, Ireland.

20: Yelenia Hylraren and Zashara Sho'am leave the Survey Team.

23 - 25: Kairina Verraile attends Fall Ball 2015 in Duluth, Minnesota, USA, on October 23 - 25.

31: Zashara Sho'am leaves the Merit Staff.


3: Eluial Aldaran is awarded the Moderator of the Year Keeper's Award.

4: Loraella Melodie becomes Head.

11: Serenla Tamowith steps down as Archivist.

17: Lia Kellenit is raised Aes Sedai.


2: Aintza Bisera and Ashlyn Sindal leave the Tar Valon Times Staff.

14: Yelenia Hylraren leaves the Department of Community Outreach Staff.

31: Yelenia Hylraren steps down as Property Mistress.

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