The Brown Ajah in 2022

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9: Rhianna Solstice Bonds Pip al'Dealys.

10: Arella Mathara becomes City Council Architect.


16: Tallan Daar becomes Tower Gatekeeper.

19: Cassie Dainar is announced as the next Amyrlin Seat. Rhed al'Tere becomes Conference Coordinator.

24: Sela Narian Bonds Morrighan Daghdera.


11: Arella Mathara becomes Heart.


1: Jadira Paerael and Tallan Daar are chosen as Sitters for the Spring 2022 term.

7: Arella Mathara becomes Mayor.

20: Loraella Melodie becomes Director of Membership.


18: Cassie Dainar steps down as Shatayan.


2: Tallan Daar becomes Head.

11: Leira Galene replaces Tallan Daar as Sitter for the remainder of the Spring 2022 term.


14: Sela Narian Bonds Melearlin Valar, in doing so becoming the first Aes Sedai outside of the Green Ajah with three bonds.


1: Yelenia Hylraren becomes Heart. Lilli O'Neeus and Rhianna Solstice are chosen as Sitters for the Fall 2022 term.

4: Loraella Melodie steps down as Director of Membership.

9: Alexstrasz Ruskein steps down as Events Historian.


2: Zashara Sho'am Bonds Aria Kakarot.

9: Arella Mathara joins the Social Media Team.

12: Cassie Dainar is formally raised to the Amyrlin Seat at Anniversary Party 2022.

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