A Memory of Light: Chapter 4

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Dragon's Fang Chapter Icon.png

Advantages to a Bond

Chapter Icon: Dragon's Fang

Points of View: Androl, Rand, Pevara


Pevara, Androl and company finds out Logain is kept prisoner and about to be Turned. They try to rescue him and fight with Taim's men until the roof collapses. Rand meets Moridin in a Dreamshard.


Androl's Point of View:

Location: The Black Tower

Characters: Androl, Dobser, Emarin, Dobser, Welyn, Leems

Pevara tells Androl about her family being murdered by Darkfriends. Androl tells her about his father, who could channel, committing suicide before the taint could drive him mad.

Pevara and Androl are developing telepathic communication through their double bond.

Emarin arrives and interrogates Dobser, pretending to be a High Lord of Tear wanting to set up a rival tower with male and female channelers working together. Dobser tells Emarin where Logain is being held, in hidden rooms in the foundation of the Black Tower building, and says that it will probably take one or two days to Turn him. Pevara binds Dobser in Air and blocks his ears after he tells them where the hidden rooms are. Androl says they'll dose Dobser, Welyn, and Leems with something that will make them sleep "until Bel Tine" and then rescue Logain that night after Taim inspects him.

Rand's Point of View:

Setting: One of Moridin' Dreamshards

Characters: Rand, Moridin

Rand finds himself asleep and in a Dreamshard despite the wards he set. He meets Moridin and they talk about Lanfear and the past when Ishamael was haunting Rand's dreams. Rand realizes Moridin hates himself and serves The Dark One because this is the only way everything to end for him. Rand gains control over Moridin's own Dreamshard and tells the other man to tell his Master that Rand is coming for him.

Pevara's Point of View:

Location: The Black Tower

Characters: Pevara, Androl, Canler, Coteren, Emarin, Jonneth, Logain, Nalaam

Pevara, Androl, Emarin, Jonneth, and Nalaam prepare to rescue Logain. Canler is left behind, because he has a family, while the Two Rivers boys and men and told to attempt to escape if they fail to rescue Logain. They watch as Emarin, Jonneth, and Nalaam kill three men guarding the Black Tower building's foundations. Pevara is surprised they would lead with a lethal attack because that is something Aes Sedai would not do. Pevara, Androl, Emarin, Jonneth, and and Nalaam go into the Black Tower foundations. They find Coteren guarding a door to an earthen room. Jonneth kills him with an arrow from his Two Rivers bow. They find Logain and take him out of his cell, but he is either drugged or too weak to channel. Androl confirms Logain has not been Turned. Taim's men burst into the room and the two sides fight with the Power. Androl tries to make a gateway. The dirt roof of the room collapses.


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