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Bel Tine 2016 was held April 10 - 16. The overall theme that year was Shamrocks and Eggs.

There were 4 events run in total. 9 groups in total entered the Group theme contest and the winner was decided by a site-wide vote.

Introduction post - "Welcome to Bel Tine!". Please expand to read more.

A giant shamrock-spotted golden egg floats around in the Erinin mysteriously as a bunny happily hops around ...

Welcome to Bel Tine, our Spring Festival! It lasts from now until Saturday, April 16.

You're in the Faire Grounds, which are normally open only twice a year, for Bel Tine and the fall festival Shaoman. If you're a Junior Member, the rules here are somewhat more relaxed than they are in the rest of the forums: here you will not need to use titles when addressing Senior Members. However, everyone must still respect their fellow members as always. :)

Any issues or concerns regarding a fellow member should be handled through the normal channels, which would be your membership administrator (the Mayor, Mistress of Novices & Recruits, or Master of Accepted & Soldiers if you're a JM; if you're a SM, you know who your membership admin is.)

Any issues, concerns, or questions about the event itself should be directed to the Outreach Activities Coordinator ( or to the Director of Community Outreach (

Welcome again, and have fun!


  • Group Theme Contest
  • Poetry Slam
  • Trivia Contest
  • Puzzle Games



Poetry Contest