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When a person is accepted into the Tower as a Tower Initiate (Novice or Recruit), a Who's Who page is created for them within the TarValon.Net library, therefore a record of all Tower Initiates and Tower Sworn is kept within the Who's Who. For those who choose to stay as a Citizen, they are only added once they reach the status of Resident Citizen. However, many people who do not want to take the formal path to becoming Tower Sworn do contribute in some way, or attend events. This is a list of everyone who does not have a Who's Who page, but has attended an event or served in some capacity within the community.

Abhorsen Veriari

Adan Moringale


Argent Shiroi

Auri al'Chassit

Bill Nesbitt-Illinger

JordanCon 2023

Bowyn Yakem

Brandegoris Al'Mor

Camulus Ullr'nodens

Carina al'Sim

Corraidhín Koh'inor

Curulin Melyma

Danrar Antagar

Delenn Magelan

Enoch Xarr

Enyna Salyros

Faelyn al'Moor

  • Guild Leader for the Writers and Authors Guild: October 1, 2023 - present

Grimketill Arjuna

Hammar O'Justice

Illuvin Ring

Ithilluin Aldaran

Ivy Etain

J'ral Ganaem

Kathar al'Thera

Kenulin Falolin

Kyredeon Trevath

La'Donna Caliarthan

Larry Daniels

JordanCon 2023

Loradin Brayel

Luciana Valkryie

Maiel Sandvar

Maria Simmons

JordanCon 2023

Merediana an Banrion na Foraoise Draiochta

Myriam Asynja

Rowain Sikar

Ruslan Rynar

Sam Tamyn

Seth al'Dera

Shienara M'asynde

Slade Winterhart

Talon S. Akar

Tobias Carawin

Vendarin Al'Granwye

JordanCon 2023

Vorusean el'Korim

Zanus Athara

Zeryth al'Damoraine

Former Members

There are also people who have made contributions that are no longer active. As they were not Tower Sworn, they will have been removed in one of the annual clean ups (prior to 2020 when the membership cleanups were cancelled).