Crossroads of Twilight: Chapter 27

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn

Wolf Chapter Icon.png

What Must Be Done

Chapter Icon: A Wolf

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: Outside So Habor

Characters: Perrin, Latian, Masema, Elyas, Tallanvor


Perrin interrogates the Shaido prisoners, cutting the arm off of one of them. He gives up his axe. Tallanvor returns and offers Perrin an alliance with the Seanchan.


The winnowing of grain begins just outside of So Habor, because Perrin does not want his men to go into the town. Seonid wants to stay in So Habor, but Perrin will not let her even if he has to send Edarra after her; the same applies for Masuri. Latian rides up to him then and asks whether it would be alright if Balwer and the others catch up with Perrin's group, because Balwer's friend is not expected back before the next day or the day after. Perrin tells him not to wait too long; he intends to be away within the hour.

Back at the camp, Dannil, Sulin and Edarra walk up to Perrin and tell him the Maidens brought five Shaido and that Masema is there. At the outer edge of the Ghealdanin camp, Perrin finds four Shaido bound and gagged and another one stretched tightly between four stakes with hot coals on his belly. Perrin kicks them off and asks the Aiel whether he has seen Faile, but the man in question only sings. Abruptly, Perrin chops off the Stone Dog's hand and tells all of them they will be asked questions and if they answer too differently they will lose hands and feet; so each of them has four chances to please with their answers and if they do not they will be left in a city to beg.

Perrin leaves the camp for the forest and after a while he slams his axe onto a tree. Elyas shows up and asks whether he starts liking it. They exchange a few words about battle, before Neald and Aram approach them. Aram says the Shaido all said they have never seen the Lady Faile and he suggests trying the coals again. Perrin wants to have them put under guard and leaves - without the axe.

Three days later, Balwer returns with Tallanvor, who Perrin did not expect to see again. He has been searching for Maighdin and may have possible allies for Perrin. When Tallanvor tells him they are Seanchan with damane, who are also searching for the Shaido, Perrin wants to hear more about them.

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