How Did the Wheel of Time Make Us Happy

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Miriya ay'Anne

Wellll... I got a boyfriend!

(and he's the bestestest, gorgeousest, loveliest... you get my point, no? )

Haderach Hilm

I don't know how "happy" you would consider this but WoT brought me to think about Women's Studies as a minor degree among my university choices which I have to make very soon. I'm not particularly ashamed of the idea at being the only male undergraduate student of Women's Studies at my university (and probably the whole world) but it's not a very "happy" choice for my family and friends who have to be associated with "that guy doing feminism".

Still, I'm proud to say that WoT opened my mind to many gender concepts which have inspired me some.

Also I called a girl I see everyday Egeanin (in my mind) because I don't know her name and she reminds me of the character. It makes me feel close to her....but that's really weird so just forget I mentioned it.

Wen Chang

Haderach, you're now officially my favourite new member. Not so much because of the feminism thing, but because of the questioning traditions and definitions of things.

Actually, WoT taught me to ask "Why not?" when I had a self-defeating attitude. ("I could never do THAT." "Why not?") It taught me to test the validity of my opinions by re-examining them often. It also taught me to look at the essence of things, to strip away euphemism and define what things really meant to me, and what I meant to me. I've made strides in overcoming the shyness that has been an obstacle to me all my life.

Looking for WoT info brought me to this site. Defining myself brought me to my Ajah. I've met people from all over the world I never would have known without WoT. This is nothing a hundred other people haven't said in this forum. Spiritual considerations aside, my marriage, children, and membership in this community have brought me a sense of, I guess I'd call it "social wholeness and contentedness" that's always been lacking in my life. I have a place in the Pattern now. It sounds nerdy because I don't know how else to put it, but I do know that a good deal of my thanks for those feelings are owed to RJ.

Sa'areah Britthorn

A lot of why I'm happy for WoT is too personal at this time to speak publicly about it But it certainly has taught me that I'm not as worthless as I always believed myself to be. I found the other half of myself; my sister. She is the one who knows all of me, and she is the one I love completely. She makes me happy just knowing that we met because of one set of books. I also found the guy who is technically a real life Warder. I didn't think I needed one.. everything has been done on my own. But when he advised me on the books a little over a year ago when my grandfather died it's just become so much part of our every day to share things that I never tell anyone else, and we share things that mean a lot to us. And no, I had no objections or second thoughts about calling Australia to pass on the sad news...

I've met so many wonderful people, and I truly have found a home.

Caia al'Tamad

The first thing of course would be coming to this site,,

But the next thing would be my precious puppy..

That is my Lady Erith. I named her after the Ogier of course. But then again, she is my gentle giant. Since I found out last week, she has known I was upset. She follows everywhere, curls up on me, whimpers until I pet her. She knows she is the reason I even get out of bed right now..

She is my happy... Luckily she has enough for both of us

Melania al'Larwind

Once upon a time, I named my computer the Dark One (It's moved on to Mr. Rochester though).

Jaim al'Bearach

Well lets see.. because of the series I found this site, joined a crazy online internet cult and since joining, I am guilty of the following; - leaving Europe to come and live in the USA - getting married to a fellow Tower Member last February - expecting my first child with my wife..

Ahm, I'd say you have a lot to answer for Mother..

I can truly say the series has had a profound impact on my life... without it I wouldn't be where I am today, nor have experienced the things I have done over the past years.. I've visited different countries for WT related events, stayed at peoples houses and made many many friends..

But having found my wife through WoT is something I wouldn't have believed was possible had you mentioned it 10 or so years ago when I first picked up those books..

I know I'm not the only person to have had this happen to them, and I know that I will be forever grateful for this series having been written.

Katarianna al'Leya

I met my husband here. And my brother and I have grown closer together.

I also have a gorgeous godson! And several beautiful sisters. ^.^ And the most fantastic warder ever!

My car is also named Aldieb and Cathel and I's first daughter will be called Aviendha.

Oh, and my dog's middle name is Birgette.

Aria Kakarot

My boyfriend, who I moved across the country to be with. Mitten friends, site friends, my soon to be ajah...a lot.

RJ brought me A LOT of happiness! As did you Mother.

Shayleean De' Altarata

I found this site of course. My screen name at the MSN games has been lady lanfear for about 7 years now. lol Ive read the series for 17 years now. and........the strangest thing of all I got a little canary from some people about 7 months ago. I could never figure out a name for him so one day I just said I don't have any pets named for my favorite books so Rand it was , Well this morning I got up and he had died during the night. So now I have cried all over again. (I finally got to hear the podcast and cried too) You all have such wonderful stories. Thanks Mother for starting this thread! What a wonderful family you have all made here!

Alondrian Heartsbane

This series taught me the meaning of legend.

Caerwyn Jolan

Thank you Mother for asking such a thought provoking question...

I think one of the things the Series has done for me is bring out my inner Warder... There's a woman I know (who has never read the books, and probably never will, she's really not into scifi or fantasy) for whom I've been performing the "Warder function" over the last couple years. (since before i read the first book).

We're actually not romantically involved. (I'm not saying it could never happen, but its not the basis of our relationship now or in the past). I don't *think* it would happen though. However she's comfortable with a relationship that is very much (in real life) "warder-like". She talks to me about things she does, gets my advice, but makes her own decisions. Sometimes I get her out of jams... (no swordplay has ever been involved though!).

For me the series posed a new kind of relationship that actually fairly accurately describes what's going on in real life.

Which certainly surprised me. I don't know if anyone else has a real life situation like that or not, but it certainly was a shift in thinking about it for me.

Thank you for the opportunity to be here!

May you all find the Light in your own lives! Caerwyn

Amaria al'Salar

Because of the series I have joined this community, which has done *SO* much for me that only people who have experienced something similar can appreciate.

I have a wonderful Warder, who is always there for me. I've visited places that I never would have visited before. There are women in my life that, although I have not spoken to them in weeks, are still concerned with me and love me. There are men in my life that will gladly defend me at a moment's notice. Most importantly....

I have learned to *embrace* my inner geek and go with the flow!

Jaydena McKanthur

*chuckles* Ohh geez I could write a novel on all the Happy WOT has brought me. Well I gained this huge amount of friends, then I became really close friends with some of them and they became sisters and even gaidar/gaidin. I gained the confidence in myself and I also gained the knowledge that I could fight cancer and win. There have been alot of laughs, giggles, and smiles and so many more happy moments than sad or angry.

Kethaana Nia Khamara

My Notebook is called Asha'man

But seriously: WoT affected my whole life. I wouldn't have had the chance to get to know so many cool people from all over the world and I also wouldn't have had the opportunity to expand the circle of

people of which I could choose my friends from. Normally you find your friends only right in front of your door, because you work with them, go to school with them and whatnot.

Robert Jordan changed this. I am not only having good friends right here in Dortmund, but also in so many different contries and some of them even drive 900 km to visit me! It is amazing!

Last christmas amazed me too! I havn't been visiting the Ajahs for a long time, then, but I got tons of cards from all over the world! So many people are out there, who actually care about you, it's unbelieveable!

It's hard to put this all into words. But without WoT my life wouldn't be as joyful as it is today.

Kitan Tataru

My one real serious long term relationship was because of the Wheel of Time. When I was Accepted, the same day I met RJ for the first time, I met Lokadien, Soldier of VC. He was due to leave for Iraq in a month with the Marine Corps. And I had sworn I would never date a military man.

The next week I went to a metal concert with him, because he needed someone to go with. And we clicked. We had kinda clicked the day we met, but we really clicked at the concert. And what can I say? You can't choose who you fall in love with. He left for Iraq, and I was there on the tarmac to say goodbye, smiling while I cried because I knew he loved to see me smile. I didn't want him to be sad the last time he saw me.

He was gone for seven months and he returned to me in California. We were together for a few more months, but all things must end, and we broke up last September. We started talking again recently (he's on a tour of duty again with the Marines, on a boat this time) and we are still friends. We both agree that we learned a lot of important things from each other.

Without Wheel of Time this would not have been possible. Lokadien and I would both be very different people than we are today. Less complete people than we are today. And without RJ, it wouldn't have happened.

Roywyn Kitarama

I gained a whole bunch of sisters, and alot of close friends.

I also got the bestestestest best friend a girl could ask for.

*snuggles her Triste*

Rhed al'Tere

I don't have anything named after anything in the series.

But because of this site, I've traveled. I've got another sister. I've got my Red Sisters. I met my Aes Sedai (Cataia), and there was someone *more* excited than I was that I was moving to Kansas City (Pylar).

I laugh more. I drink more. (Not surprising considering I never drank before joining the tower. ) I talk more. I flirt more.

I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life because this place helped me find me.

And, I was able to get my friend Nate (he was in chat for the memorial as Mythos) and my little sister (Zyathlith of the Blue Ajah) hooked on the books.

Lireina Dormerus t'al`Bearach

Um, I think Jaim just about covered most of what I was going to say.

Actually, it taught me a similar lesson to Wen's: why hold back? Why accept what life hands you? Why not stand up against what is keeping you down, make the moves that will improve your life, and never look back.

I haven't yet, and don't think I ever will- I've gotten so much from what started as a back-hand gift from my ex-husband "to keep me busy for a few weeks". It has brought me faith, family, friends for a life-time, my soulmate, a new life inside me and a chance to truly LIVE.

Mellaine Murrai

James' great niece is named Arilynn. Although my son and daughter in law don't remember the character from the book, it is such an unusual name I have to think that it was there in the backside of their heads from when they read them. Needless to say, my uncle got quite a chuckle when he learned her name. Melanie

Miridyth Al'Landerin

Well I think most know the story.

There was this lady that decided one day to start a WoT community because she really loved Robert Jordan's books. We were really close when she was little, but as we aged she moved to England and I got married and had kids in the states. I kept hearing about her internet community and realized when one day she posted a picture of herself...that we had let 5 years go by without seeing each other .

So when we met again in July of 05, she sat down and signed me up with Padra by her side. Since then, I see my sister at least annually, pm her and call her more and feel as close to her as I did when she was younger. I thank Robert Jordan and this community for rebuilding our relationship.

It has brought me friends I never could have imagined, ladies that I can definitely count on as sisters and "family" members and close friends so even during my darkest hours, I have known I was never alone in the world. My best friends are not my neighbors, it is the tower people who I drive 4.5 hours to be with for the weekend . It is those who live overseas who I have never met, but know that if I was to say "hey I am crossing the pond" that I would have friends there to help me and show me the wondrous places they live.

AND at Christmas time....OMG....I get on one of those tower Christmas card exchanges and I can fill up a wall . I thank the site and friends for helping me through my Cancer and for the "chocolate brigade" that sent me chocolate from all over the world during my treatment. Tooooo many things to be thankful for...and to think it was all because a man decided he wanted to create a fantasy world for people to read and enjoy. It just boggles the mind.

I do hope his family members can read this and other threads and know that he did more with his pen than most can hope to achieve in their lifetime. God Bless him and keep him.

Kityarah Al'Dara

Well, WoT affected me greatly, RJ's books actually saved my life and pulled me out of a very dark place. My son is named Blake Robert James. I had a cat named Moraine and a bear (stuffed lol) named Lan. I play a lot of mmorpgs and my name in almost all of them is KitySedai. Even my yahoo and such is the same name.

Most awesomely bonded to Oryn...bestest ever!!

Caerwyn Jolan

Why does a cat named Moiraine seem totally appropriate?

Pylar al'Stnap

I have a roommate (Penny), and a tattoo (yes, I'm *that* dork) and a ring tan line, not from a wedding band, but from a snake that is wrapped around my finger. My first aim sn was "silverfaile" (*waits for beatings from the "Faile" reference*... to be fair, that was before the books came out where she was sooooooooooo whiny that even I gave up on her )

I took my first plane trip by myself because of this series (note to self, make sure people who pick you up know what you look like ) my first trip to Vegas, my first (and only) long distance bus trip with a pregnant lady

And every once in a while I get to pretend to be important by wearing a shawl and handing a bowl of water to a woman who is wearing a stole

Lireina Dormerus t'al`Bearach

Goodness, I forgot about my tattoos (3), my Great Serpent ring, and all my amazing "family" near and far- pregnancy is killing my brain cells! :lok

~Jaim's ball and chain~Doneavan's Kindred Spirit~Mentor to Mai, Céa and Maig~Daegan's younger big sister~ ~Turtle Twin #2~The Original Proud Mitten Girl!~Big Sis to Elessa, Wen, Tsubasa and Elbereth

Jaim al`Bearach

mmm yes you did forget your tattoos.. but hey, not to worry you remembered them now...

Kityarah Al'Dara

Caerwyn Jolan wrote: Why does a cat named Moiraine seem totally appropriate?

Lol it does though doesnt it? Somehow the cat really makes me think of her.

Tsubasa Kamui

Wow, from Wheel of Time I found a sister, tons of friends, and sanity. I started reading the series while in Japan, when I needed to have something to keep me entertained on long long train commutes

Oh and I love wearing my serpent ring

Sidar Crand

Anyone who's been at this site since 2005 knows what I mean when I say that I literally owe these books my life. Had I not read them, I'd never have joined Tar Valon. Had I not joined Tar Valon, had I not had that support structure over the middle of that year, I know full well I would have committed suicide.

I love you all. Thank you.

Natalya Laragan

The books have given me numerous of hours of entertainment as they are even before I found out about this community.

I joined here (after lurking half a year) a bit over two years ago. This site helped me to keep my sanity when I was working with my Master's Thesis, I have found friends here, I am proud that I can call myself an Aes Sedai. I also had a chance to meet those wonderful people in the Real life in the Netherlands last summer.

... and I got a birthday card from Sonea yesterday!

Keavy Byrne

Before discovering WoT I had never really read many Fantasy novels. A few stand-alones here and there but they were rare. For some reason, even though I read constantly, it was a genre that I just didn't get into much.

Then about 10 years ago I was bored and a friend threw EotW at me and told me to read it and read it I did! And I just kept reading and kept reading - and discovered the wonderful world of serial novels! Wow! Characters I like, worlds I dream of, plot twists and turns I could never imagine! And I get to read about all this in book after book after book!

Thus began my love affair with Fantasy in general and WoT in particular.

Rit'koma Imorj

WoT gave me my life back

WoT also gave me a family...

De'bann Maia

I have friendships because of WoT that wouldn't exist otherwise. The depth and vision of the series in terms of spirituality and morality and ethics has added vibrancy to my own beliefs. WoT is as real for me as Middle Earth, and that's saying a lot. These alternate worlds have been guiding beacons of hope throughout my life. They've seen me through tough times, and been familiar friends who smile alongside me through good.

The complexity and creativity of the plots, and the willingness to keep writing more even in the face of a behemoth edifice, have inspired me to not give up my own dream of writing (though practical life stuff has gotten in the way).

There is much I cannot even express.

Eleyan Teyal Al'Landerin

I have posted mostly tangible things, things you all need, to this point. I think, perhaps, I have been fortunate because I had D*Con. And then, immediately, I had a show to run. So I went from a 45 hour work week (not including the Tower) to an 80 hour work week (not including the Tower). In the last few weeks? Leaving and coming home.... no breaks. Having only 3 hours to sleep or bathe or do anything..... that is my reality right now.

It means that I am going to be a month late on all bills (because, really really, there is NO time to do them. Bad decision, but there is simply no time. This month was an anomaly. It was the best choice of a few). You will notice I am almost never posting (and definitely not answering PMs). I only post when I am also currently on the phone.

This changed my life. I did not mean it to. I don't know if it was for better or for worse, or whathaveyou. I got caught up in this. So much good has happened. It's been like a tidal wave. I have traveled so much. I have met the most amazing people. I have had a chance to make a difference in lives. I have received amazing satisfaction in my work. I have been able to help make a comic book, influence cover art (not the main series... the children's version), speak on the topic of WoT, tell producers they couldn't set the whole thing in the age of legends .... My whole LIFE has gone on this ridiculous tangent, and I never planned it that way. Even I am not quite sure what has happened.

But it has. And it has dominated my life for many years. And I have amazing friends from it. I have the best Warders in the world from it. I have such a sense of accomplishment.

Oh, and I also have a tan line from my ring and a cat named Ajah.

Yes. It has profoundly affected my life. I never expected it to. I'm still trying to get my head around that.


Through WoT, I found a wonderful, amazing group of friends at a time when another amazing group of friends was slowly growing apart and I felt adrift. Much to my surprise I found a romantic interest that's gotten me traveling cross-country and has introduced me to a whole different culture.

Besides the years of entertainment and joy from the books themselves, I have daily interaction with a group of people that I am so grateful to have found.

Thank you Creator for bringing forward a world that has caught the interest and passion of so many wonderful, wonderful people. May God hold you and shelter you.

Irundaia al'Neyail

Wot literally saved my life since I simply didn't see the use of it anymore when one of my friends thrust this book at me at first it lay on my desk and he asked for it and I gave it back after reading only the first two chapters. When he asked what I thought about it I told him I hadn't read all of it yet. Infuriated he told me if I didn't read the rest he never would talk to me anymore (at least I thought he was infuriated) so I bought the book and started reading shortly after (I didn't want to loose my best friend). When I was reading I felt so... tranquil..

Never have I been able to thank my friend enough

RJ gave me a purpose and a bunch of new friends


Tattoo's?? Really? I know this sounds weird, but would anyone like to share their "body art" (pictures)? I've been toying with the idea of getting a (third) tattoo - this time marking what a impact this series has had on my life. I would love some ideas?

Nerina Meledrid

I don't have anything as tangible as a tattoo (though you all have given me ideas)

I first picked up the books in sixth grade. I actually started reading The Great Hunt first, until my cousin asked if I wanted to read the first one first. At that point I hadn't had much experience with books in a series (except perhaps Boxcar Children). Not only did I discover this wonderful series, but I addicted my best friend (who still is, to this day, both my best friend and addicted) and formed a bond with my stepfather through our love of books. If not for RJ and his series, I don't really know what our relationship would be like today (we didn't really get along before that). Also, it was the very first fantasy book I ever read. It opened up a whole new genre for me. For me, WoT has been a gateway, one that I'm only to happy to show to others.

Cari Alcar

it was because of the series that my husband I met over nine years ago.

I had picked up the Wheel of Time because of the cover of the book. I absolutely adored the book and knew it was in a series. My boyfriend at the time picked up a few of the books, however he bought them out of order so I had to wait a few days to read the next one when finished. I think there were only 6 at the time and I had to wait from then on out.

But then that Christmas my boyfriend and I broke up, two days before Christmas as he was driving me to the train station so I could go home for the Holiday break. The following January when I made it back to school I stumbled upon Dragonmount. There was a chat room there called Spring of the Morning Inn, that was where I met my hubby.

He says I started a fight which is probably true even though I don't remember it. We started out as friends and grew closer over the years. After his divorce things changed and we got closer. He came to see my before I graduated college and we hit it off in real life just as well as we did over the phone and online. So he decided he'd move to New York for me since that was where I was staying after school. He moved in with me in Aug 00, and we proposed in October 00. We were married June 01.

So it was because of the Wheel of Time that we got married. And we now have two lovely daughters.

Miserae Capulet

I had a kitten named Moiraine, which i changed to Damodred when she turned out to be a he. xD