Lord of Chaos: Chapter 45

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Author: Asandra al'Terra

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A Bitter Thought

Chapter Icon: A Wolf

Points of View: Vilnar, Perrin


Perrin's company reaches Caemlyn. Perrin and Faile meet Rand who asks his friend to go to Tear for him.


Vilnar's Point of View:

Location: Caemlyn

Characters: Vilnar

Vilnar is leading a mounted patrol around the New City of Caemlyn, letting his thoughts wander. He forgets all his thoughts, however, when he sees Whitebridge Gate, and what is coming towards it - a long column of those that look like farmers, but carrying longbows; three Aiel; and one Tuatha'an. A banner flies in front; white bordered with red, with a red wolfhead at the front. He recognises the woman riding next to the head of the column, a shaggy-looking man.

Vilnar deploys his men to the gate.

Perrin's Point of View:

Location: Caemlyn

Characters: Perrin, Faile, Aram, Bain, Chiad, Gaul, Rand, Min

Perrin draws rein before the city gate. He notes Faile smells slightly of anxiety, as Saldaeans are behind the gate. Aram suggests cutting their way through them - Gaul had already veiled - but Perrin says a firm no, then introduces himself to those blocking the gate. They tell him nobody may enter the city with more than twenty armed men or fifty servants; Perrin tells the Two Rivers people and Aram to make camp at a clearing they had passed not long ago. He then asks to be led to Rand; Bain and Chiad take leave of them, and Gaul does too, a moment later.

As they move to the palace, Perrin notices that Vilnar is acting like he does not know Faile too well, and is ignoring her to the point of distraction; therefore, the Two Rivers man decides that Vilnar recognised Faile. They soon reach the palace, and then Rand's rooms. Perrin is surprised that Rand knows of his wedding to Faile - Rand had learned from the Two Rivers girls in Caemlyn - and even more so to see Min there. He senses Faile's jealousy, and stops hugging Min. Rand and Perrin speak a little of the Two Rivers and Loial, while Faile and Min speak of Min's knowing Rand and Perrin, then excuse themselves.

When Perrin and Rand are alone, Rand asks if Perrin would go to Tear for him. Perrin refuses; Rand then begins to speak of juggling things - the Forsaken, Dragonsworn, the Prophet. Perrin is also told that Moiraine is dead - and that the White Tower has really split.

After a fashion, they begin to speak of the Two Rivers again. However, the conversation begins to lag, and soon Perrin is ready to leave. Rand bids him to think on Tear.

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