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Author: Estyrien al'Halien


Reanne Corly is the Eldest of the Kin. (ACoS, Ch. 24) She is four hundred and eleven years old (ACoS, Ch. 31; (TPoD, Ch. 3). Reanne has grey hair, blue eyes and wrinkles (ACoS, Ch. 23). She speaks with a surprisingly high voice (TPoD, Ch. 20).

Reanne left the White Tower when she panicked during her test for Accepted. Before she left she had hopes of joining the Green Ajah (ACoS, Ch. 24).

Reanne helped Elayne and Nynaeve to find the Bowl of the Winds in Ebou Dar. When they arrived in the building that housed the ter'angreal, the Black Ajah attacked. Reanne was badly injured and Nynaeve had to Heal her (ACoS, Ch. 38). Reanne left Ebou Dar to follow Elayne and Nynaeve to the Farm. She was part of the circle that uses the Bowl of Winds (TPoD, Ch. 5). When the Seanchan attacked, Reanne followed the sisters through the gateway into Andor. (TPoD, Ch. 6) Reanne travelled to Caemlyn with them and stayed in the Royal Palace (TPoD, Ch. 28).

Whilst in the Royal Palace, Reanne helps Nynaeve plan how to rescue Kinswomen from Seanchan controlled territory (WH, Prologue). She also tries to convince the captured sul'dam that they can channel (WH, Ch. 8). Reanne is one of the few Kinswomen strong enough to Travel. It is because of this that Reanne is often asked to make gateways for those who can't (WH, Ch. 26). Reanne left Caemlyn with Dyelin to Travel to meet with Heads of Houses for Elayne; Reanne makes the gateways for Dyelin (CoT, Ch. 11). She wishes to be Green, but Elayne thinks she is too softhearted (KoD, Ch. 14).


  • 1000 NE: Reanne escorts Elayne and Nynaeve into the Rahad to retrieve the Bowl of Winds (ACoS, Ch. 38).
  • 1000 NE: Reanne leaves Ebou Dar for the Farm (TPoD, Ch. 1).
  • 1000 NE: Reanne is part of the circle that uses the Bowl of Winds (TPoD, Ch. 5).
  • 1000 NE: Reanne flees the Farm with Elayne and the rest of the Kin when the Seanchan attack (TPoD, Ch. 6).
  • 1000 NE: Reanne Travels around Andor with Dyelin to meet the Heads of Andoran Houses. (CoT, Ch. 11)


  • Elayne and Nynaeve were taken to see Reanne by Setalle Anan because she thought they were runaways from the Tower. Reanne did not believe them when they said they were sisters and threw them out (ACoS, Ch. 23).
  • When Reanne was first introduced to the Salidar embassy to Tylin she was extremely respectful to the Aes Sedai. (ACoS, Ch. 37) Over time, Reanne becomes less and less intimidated by the sisters (WH, Ch. 8).
  • Reanne does not wear the red belt of a kinswoman (ACoS, Ch. 37).
  • Reanne arranged shipping for small merchants in Ebou Dar (TPoD, Ch. 3).
  • In Caemlyn, Reanne wears green because she wants to become Green Ajah (WH, Ch. 8).
  • Reanne has an air of serenity around her that would make even an Aes Sedai jealous. (WH, Ch. 8).
  • Since she has been allowed to channel freely- released from the Kin's rules- Reanne takes great pride in her weavings (WH, Ch. 8).


"Ivara, Sumeko, all of you, you forget yourselves! You speak in front of Aes Sedai! You speak in- front of- Aes Sedai." Reanne to members of the Kin (A Crown of Swords, Chapter 31).

"We have always held runaways apart until we were sure they were no longer hunted, and if they were found before, we let the sisters take them. That is the rule, Alise. What other rule do you propose violating? Do you suggest that we actually set ourselves against Aes Sedai?" Reanne to Alise The Path of Daggers, Chapter 28).

"Any sister might have envied Reanne's serenity and presence. She had been the Eldest of the Knitting Circle, the highest authority among the Kin." Elayne about Reanne (Winter's Heart, Chapter 8).