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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Author: Eireann Namar


Saerin Asnobar is an Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah, as well as a Sitter in the Hall of the Tower. She was born in Altara, an innkeeper's daughter. Saerin has olive skin and dark hair with some white at the temples. She also has a dueling scar on one cheek and is known for carrying a knife, fingering it when she becomes angry.

The Daughters of Silence first trained Saerin in the One Power during 794-798 NE. She became a novice when the group was discovered and broken up by the White Tower. She was the only member to attain the shawl (TPoD, Ch. 26). In ca. 960 NE, Saerin was selected to be a Sitter for the Brown Ajah. She has held this position for 40 years, longer than any other Sitter currently in the Hall. Among the Sitters, Saerin is known for her temper (TPoD, Ch. 26), which is quite volatile for an Aes Sedai of her standing.

In ca. 999 NE, Saerin, along with her fellow Sitters, Yukiri, Doesine, and Talene, discover Pevara and Seaine, two other Sitters, in the Tower's cellars (TPoD, Ch. 26). After discovering that Seaine was hiding the Oath Rod, Saerin persuades Yukiri and Doesine to join the others' search for the Black Ajah, uncovering Talene's true allegiance in the process.

Currently, Saerin Sedai has taken charge of the Sitters' search for the Black Ajah. It was Saerin that realised that Seaine and Pevara were using the Oath Rod to identify Black Ajah, retaking the oath to speak no word that is not true and declaring herself not to be a darkfriend (TPoD, Ch. 26). Saerin is truly the leader of her group's mission, although she listens to the opinions of Pevara and Yukiri, since they are comparably strong in the Power. For example, it is Saerin's decision not to tell the Amyrlin about Talene being a Darkfriend until they are able to expose the entire Black Ajah (WH, Prologue). Also, she has to give Seaine permission to leave her rooms when her life may be in danger (KoD, Prologue).


  • 794-798 NE - Saerin receives training in saidar from the Daughters of Silence, a group led by two Accepted put out of the Tower.
  • 798 NE - Saerin is forced to enter the White Tower as a novice once the Daughters of Silence are broken up by Aes Sedai. She spends a long time as novice and Accepted (WH, Prologue)
  • Ca. 960 NE - Saerin is selected to represent the Brown Ajah in the Hall of the Tower.
  • 999NE - Saerin scowls at Seaine when she crosses her in the hallway (TPoD, Ch. 26).
  • 999-1000 NE - Saerin discovers that two other Sitters are hunting the Black Ajah in the Tower. She joins and takes over the lead of their search (TPoD, Ch. 26).
  • She is present when Meidani takes Egwene to a meeting of the Black Ajah hunters(TGS, Ch. 12).
  • When Egwene says Meidani would not send her for penance, Saerin looks thoughtful (TGS, Ch. 12).
  • When Yukiri says they are wasting their time with Egwene, Saerin tells her to sit down and that she will deal with Egwene. She tries to reason with her (TGS, Ch. 12).
  • She first argues that Egwene can't be Amyrlin because the forkroot means she can't channel, but Egwene asks if the Amyrlin is merely a bully who can force others to do her demands because of her power
  • She then says that Egwene has been demoted to novice, but Egwene says only Elaida is foolish enough to assume she has that authority. Saerin tells her if she hadn't she would have been executed (TGS, Ch. 12).
  • After Silviana has been replaced, Saerin tells Egwene the true events (TGS, Ch. 38).
  • When Egwene tells her to stop Silviana's execution so that they can save the Red Ajah, she asks Egwene if she thinks she is in charge. Egwene replies by asking if she wants to be. When she says not, Egwene tells her to stop the execution (TGS, Ch. 38).
  • Saerin sends Meidani to tell Egwene of the day's events (TGS, Ch. 39).
  • Saerin believes that it was Egwene's insistance that the Red not be allowed to dall that kept Elaida from being deposed (TGS, Ch. 39).
  • Saerin takes control of the defence of the Tower from the Seanchan raid. She realises Egwene is leading the main defence (TGS, Ch. 41).
  • When the Ajah heads are trying to decide on a new Amyrlin, Jesse suggests Saerin (TGS, Ch. 41).
  • When Adelorna suggests Egwene, Jesse notes that Saerin is quite taken with her (TGS, Ch. 41).
  • As the oldest sitter, Saerin leads the raising ceremony. She quietly asks Egwene if she is sure she wants to do it (TGS, Ch. 46).
  • She stands for Egwene to be raised (TGS, Ch. 46).
  • Egwene thinks that Saerin would have been a fair choice for keeper, but that people would assume she was the true power (TGS, Ch. 46).
  • Saerin takes a census to establish exactly what the Tower's losses were (TGS, Epilogue).
  • Saerin is present when Rand comes to meet with the Amyrlin. She talks to Siuan about how easy it would be for Rand to walk into Tar Valon unnoticed.(ToM, Ch. 3)
  • Searin does research on Mesaana for Egwene and reports her findings.(ToM, Ch. 15)
  • Saerin is the representative of the Brown that attends Nynaeve's Aes Sedai test. After the test she tells Nynaeve not to use Balefire but Nynaeve says she will if she has to. Saerin is the deciding vote that allows Nynaeve to become an Aes Sedai.(ToM, Ch. 20)
  • Saerin is present when the Hall decides to take charge of the White Tower's army and the Amyrlin is in charge of the world's monarchs.(ToM, Ch. 27)
  • Saerin is part of the group that tries to catch Mesaana in a trap. (ToM, Ch. 37)
  • Along with Silviana, Romanda and Lelaine, she is one of the four Aes Sedai Egwene takes to the meeting with Rand at the Field of Merrilor (AMoL, Ch. 5)
  • When the Aes Sedai meet with Mat, Saerin leads the meeting (AMoL, Ch. 32)
  • After the Last Battle, she tries to persuade Rodel to take the throne of Arad Doman (AMoL, Epilogue)
  • She is also one of the four Aes Sedai to approach Cadsuane to make her the new Amyrlin (AMoL, Epilogue)


"Saerin was Altaran, slight touches of white at her dark temples, emphasizing a thin age-faded white scar across one olive cheek, and only a Warder could match her for scowling." (The Path of Daggers, Chapter 26)

"Under the Light, I will speak no word that is not true. I am not a Darkfriend." (The Path of Daggers, Chapter 26).

"Saerin had had to fight harder than most for the shawl, for the right to remain in the Tower at all. To her, the Tower was more than home, more important than her own life." (Winter's Heart, Prologue)

"Thank you both," Saerin put in dryly, "for stating the obvious. It's too late to go back, Yukiri, so we might as well go forward. And if I were you, Pevara, I wouldn't be shouting at one of the four women in the Tower I knew I could trust." (Winter's Heart, Prologue)

""Next time, Talene, it's the cookpot for you. Or the Myrddraal's tender attentions. No waking up before. And if that doesn't do, there'll be another time, and another, as many as it takes if we must stay down here until summer." (Winter's Heart, Prologue).

"Elaida's proven herself a fool," Saerin said, "and more than once I've regretted standing for her, but I'll not believe she's Black, not without more than that." (Winter's Heart, Prologue)

"What about Saerin Asnobar? She has shown uncanny wisdom of late and is well liked" (Jesse Bilal, suggesting Saerin for Amyrlin, The Gathering Storm, Chapter 41).