The Last Battle Death List

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The characters killed during the Last Battle. This does not include characters introduced in this book.

The Light

The Shadow

  • Aravine Carnel: Killed by Faile when trying to take the Horn of Valere to Demandred
  • Daved Hanlon: Killed by Birgitte after she was called back
  • Demandred: Killed by Lan in single combat
  • Duhara Basaheen: Killed by Aviendha at the valley of Thakan'dar
  • Falion Bhoda: Killed by Aviendha at the valley of Thakan'dar
  • Jeaine Caide: Killed by Thom trying to sneak past him
  • Lanfear: Killed by Perrin to prevent her taking control of Rand and saving the Dark One
  • M'Hael: Killed by Egwene when she created a counter to balefire
  • Moridin: Died after fighting Rand at Shayol Ghul
  • Slayer: Killed by Perrin near Shayol Ghul