Towers of Midnight: Chapter 34

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Points of View: Perrin, Faile


Morgase finds Perrin guilty of murder and allows Galad to set the punishment.


Perrin's Point of View:

Setting: Perrin's Camp

Characters: Dannil Lewin, Fager Neald, Gaul, Sulin

Perrin is going to his trial and tells Sulin he wants the Maidens to scout while he is there. He tells Dannil that if things go bad, he is to follow through with Faile's plan. The Gateways are working again and he tells Neald to be ready to link with the Wise Ones and move the whole army. He realises that if he had fought the Whitecloaks earlier, then the trap would have been sprung then.

Faile's Point of View:

Setting: Perrin's Camp

Characters: Bain, Chiad, Faile, Galad, Gaul, Perrin

Bain and Chiad taunt Gaul. Perrin tells Faile that the Last Battle is close and that Rand needs him, but he can't go to him. They go to the Whitecloak camp and Perrin asks Galad to not let it turn to battle. Galad says that Perrin must agree to accept punishment. Perrin wants to agree, but Faile reminds him that he has a duty to fight in the Last Battle.

Perrin's Point of View:

Setting: The Whitecloak Camp

Characters: Dain Bornhald, Jaret Byar, Galad, Morgase, Orator, Perrin

Perrin goes into the pavilion and sends Rowan Hurn to make sure Galad has released the captives. Galad says there are three charges, the murder of Lathin and Yamwick, of being a darkfriend and of bringing trollocs into the Two Rivers. He accepts the second two charges can't be proved, but says Perrin has admitted the first. Perrin says he killed the men, but it wasn't murder. Byar comes forward to tell what happened. After he gives his story, Orator says that it is true. Perrin is given the chance to tell his side and tells them he can talk with wolves. Borhnhald claims this makes Perrin a darkfriend. He tells Morgase that when the men went looking to kill the wolves, the wolves fought back and he lost control. Bornhald stands to say Perrin is a creature of the shadow, but Perrin asks him if he has ever tried to imagine what it would be like to be someone else. He then claims Perrin murdered Geoffram Bornhald, but Perrin tells Dain that he died fighting alongside the Heroes of the Horn, against the Seanchan. Morgase says that as Egwene is the only other witness, no one else is needed to speak. Morgase says that Perrin is guilty according to Andoran law, but that she is ruling it subject to the Kainec Protocol by which she is able to give Galad the decision as to what the punishment will be. Perrin tells Galad he will accept the punishment, but only if he delays it until after the Last Battle, because he will be needed. Galad agrees, but doesn't name the punishment.

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