Towers of Midnight: Chapter 4

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The Pattern Groans

Chapter Icon: Frayed Weaving

Points of View: Perrin and Galad


The Whitecloaks capture Gill and the others Perrin sent ahead.


Perrin's Point of View:

Setting: The Jehannah Road

Characters: Berelain, Faile, Hopper, Nevarin, Perrin, Masuri, Seonid, Wil al'Seen

Perrin is shown a village, transplanted into Ghealdan, with part of the Blight nearby. He orders the Wise Ones and Aes Sedai to destroy it. He enters the Wolf Dream and meets Hopper, who agrees to teach him. He is apprehensive at first, worrying about what might happen if he loses control, but eventually accepts it.

Galad's Point of View:

Setting: The Whitecloak camp

Characters: Basel Gill, Galad, Brandel Vordarian, Harnesh

Galad and Vordarian discuss sending a letter to the Children under the control of the Seanchan, offering refuge. Galad insists it be sent. He discusses with Harnesh his plan to ally with the Aes Sedai. Harnesh opposes it, but Galad makes him see it is necessary. Byar arrives, to tell Galad they captured a group of travellers. Galad interviews one and learns that Perrin is nearby. Bornhald tells him that Perrin killed his father.


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.

Visions and Prophecies

Perrin's Dreams
  • Mat stood there. He was fighting against himself, a dozen different men wearing his face, all dressed in different types of fine clothing. Mat spun his spear, and never saw the shadowy figure creeping behind him, bearing a bloody knife.
  • He saw sheep, suddenly, running in a flock toward the woods. Wolves chased them, and a terrible beast waited in the woods, unseen. He was there, in that dream, he sensed. But who was he chasing, and why? Something looked wrong with those wolves.
  • Faile, Grady, Elyas, Gaul ... all walked toward a cliff, followed by thousands of others.

Plot Development

The Whitecloaks

Galad learns Perrin is nearby. A meeting seems imminent.

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