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The full name was not recorded in the main series, but was given in the Wheel of Time Companion. Other information about the character is also included in the Companion, but we did not use it in the TarValon.Net Library.

Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Yukiri Haruna is an Aes Sedai of and Sitter for the Gray Ajah who remains loyal to Elaida and the White Tower (TPoD, Ch. 26). She used to have a Warder, but he died a dozen years ago (CoT, Prologue).

Yukiri is described as being tiny and although she was born an innkeeper's daughter, she has a regal bearing. When she speaks she sounds exactly like what she used to be - a village woman (TPoD, Ch. 26; WH, Prologue). She is one of the shortest woman Egwene has ever met (TGS, Ch. 12).

Yukiri is somewhat of a rebel. She is always the last one to join a consensus if she wants to go another way, both among the other Gray Sitters, and among the entire Hall (TPoD, Ch. 26).


  • Yukiri is present when Talene is subjected to the Chair of Remorse, and witnesses Talene’s statement that she is of the Black Ajah (WH, Prologue).
  • Yukiri spends time walking through the Tower with Meidani, one of the Gray rebels. They speak about several things, including Elaida. They run into Bernaile and Seaine. Seaine and Yukiri go off to speak about the mystery involving the new Sitters in the Hall (CoT, Prologue).
  • Yukiri meets with Pevara in the halls to tell her about Marris. The two of them pretend to be studying wall hangings as they talk. Yukiri also tells Pevara about the summons that Talene has received to appear before the Supreme Council of the Black Ajah. She manages to convince Pevara that using the summons to attack and bring down the Black Ajah is a foolish idea. Yukiri and Pevara begin walking so as not to attract attention, and discuss the letters that their Ajahs have received from Toveine Gazal and Akoure Vayet. They also discuss Elaida. Seaine appears and informs them that she has just answered a summons from Elaida; the Amyrlin wished to know how Seaine was doing in her investigation of Alviarin – which means that the Black Ajah hunters’ belief that Elaida could not be Black Ajah is now undermined, because she did not set Seaine on a hunt for the Black Ajah after all (KoD, Prologue).
  • Alviarin has a close watch put on Yukiri and Doesine (KoD, Prologue).
  • Pevara asks Yukiri to teach her the weave for bonding, though Pevara doesn’t think Yukiri suspects why she asked (KoD, Epilogue).
  • Meidani brings Egwene to a meeting between Yukiri, Doesine, Saerin and Seaine. The Black Ajah hunters attempt to convince Egwene to abandon her claims to the Amyrlin Seat, but Egwene asserts her rightful position and points out that because Talene was a Black, Elaida was raised illegally. Egwene orders them to release Meidani from her oath to them. (TGS, Ch. 12)
  • Yukiri, along with Doesine, Ferane, Rubinde and Shevan, takes dinner with Elaida. Egwene attends them. Egwene and Elaida argue, with Egwene gaining the upper hand until Elaida declares Egwene a Darkfriend and has her thrown into a cell. Yukiri and the other four Aes Sedai witness the debacle (TGS, Ch. 16).
  • The Hall raises Egwene to the Amyrlin Seat. Yukiri is one of the three sisters, along with Seaine and Suana, who pledges for Egwene. Egwene reprimands the Hall for letting the Tower degenerate so far (TGS, Ch. 46).
  • She is present when Rand visits the Hall, and is unable to speak (ToM, Ch. 3).
  • She arrives late with Doesine for the meeting Romanda calls and stands for Egwene's proposal about how to run the war on Saerin's recommendation, without hearing it. She does stand for the proposal to give the Amyrlin and all Sitters time to attend any meeting of the Hall (ToM, Ch. 27).
  • When the Sharans attack the command tent, she saves the people there by encouraging them to jump through a horizontal gateway she has laid on the ground. She develops a weave to help survive the fall (AMoL, Ch. 21).
  • She develops the viewing gateway to make it practically invisible (AMoL, Ch. 37).
  • After the Last Battle, she is one of the group that talks to Rodel about making him king of Arad Doman (AMoL, Epilogue).

Strengths and Talents

  • Pevara matches Saerin and Yukiri in strength (TPoD, Ch. 26).
  • When Bryne asks about horizontal Gateways, Yukiri devises the weave (AMoL, Ch. 11)


  • When they put Talene to the question is the only time Pevara can ever remember seeing Yukiri flustered (KoD, Prologue).
  • Yukiri keeps her room warded against intrusion when she sleeps (KoD, Prologue).


"All four were rebels in a way, and Elaida had humiliated every one." Seaine thinking about Yukiri, Saerin, Talene and Doesine (The Path of Daggers, Chapter 26)

"Under the Light, I will speak no word that is not true. I am not Black Ajah." (The Path of Daggers, Chapter 26)

"The law forbids using the Chair on initiates. We'll all be unchaired! And if being thrown out of the Hall isn't enough, we'll probably be exiled. And birched before we go, just to drop salt in our tea! Burn me, if we're wrong, we could all be stilled!" Yukiri to Seaine, Pevara, Saerin and Doesine about Talene (Winter's Heart, Prologue)

"It was a pity the rebels could not get there before summer. At least that might make the Ajahs come together again, so sisters were not forced to slink about the White Tower." Yukiri thinks to herself (Crossroads of Twilight, Prologue)

“You’re late, so let’s be brief. I feel like a hen being watched by a fox. Marris broke this morning, and I gave her the oath of obedience myself, but as with the others, her ‘one other’ is out of the Tower. With the rebels, I think.” (Yukiri to Pevara; Knife of Dreams, Prologue).

"Do not think we're unaware of your own involvement with that group, Egwene al'Vere," Yukiri said. The haughty Gray was barely in control of her anger. "If we have our way, you will not be treated with such coddling as Elaida has shown you." (Yukiri to Egwene; The Gathering Storm, Chapter 12)