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All Current official positions

Board of Directors

Vice President


Amyrlin Seat
Keeper of the Chronicles (COO)
Shatayan/Shambayan (CFO)

Departmental Heads

Director of the Department of Administration, Ubahsur Kindellaer
Director of the Department of Community Development, Adina al'Mari
Director of the Department of Events and Conferences, Serinia Edoras
Director of the Department of Marketing, Meilen Gevedon
Director of the Department of Membership, Serenla Tamowith
Director of the Department of Moderators, Vivianna L'antreau
Director of the Department of Philanthropy, Kariada Kunai
Director of the Department of Research, Toral Delvar
Director of the Department of Technology, Zhareen Narelle

Department of Administration


Department of Community Development

Artisan's Guildmaster
Healer's Guildmaster
Innkeeper's Guildmaster
Martial Guildmaster
Professor's Guildmaster
Tailor's Guildmaster
Online Events Coordinator
Online Events Team
TVT Editor
TVT Writers

Department of Events and Conferences

Mistress of Revels - Britain & Ireland
Mistress of Revels - Continental Europe
  • Naeris
Mistress of Revels - North America
  • Yelenia
Mistress of Revels - South Pacific
Conference Coordinator
Head Marshal
Property Mistress

Department of Marketing


Department of Membership


Community Groups

Blue Head of Ajah
Blue Heart of Ajah
Brown Head of Ajah
  • Adolla Ceryia
Gray Head of Ajah
  • Addelyn al'Vera
Green Head of Ajah
Green Heart of Ajah
  • Xylina
Red Head of Ajah
  • Leora Oldessroth
White Head of Ajah
  • Isarma Marcanda
White Heart of Ajah
Yellow Head of Ajah
  • Sa'areah Britthorn
Dai M'Hael Company Commander
Mahdi'in D'ma Dieb Company Commander
  • Azrael
San D'ma Shadar Company Commander
  • Darian Coralis
Val'Cueran Company Commander
  • Alessandra
Mistress of Novices
  • Tsubasa Kamui
Captain of Recruits
  • Marrow Rahien
Mistress of Accepted
  • Aria Vanth
Captain of Soldiers
  • Deoan Kakorat
Welcoming Committee

Hall of the Tower

Blue: Alywn and Kytheria

Brown: Taika and Aloren

DM: Bryce and Dvorak

Gray: Arie and Zarathi

Green: Avery and Ne'Mireth

MDD: Jeryn and Pip

Red: Anirfyan and Eveanyn

SDS: Soronhen and Anigrel

White: Nymeria and Rehteah

Yellow: Khisanth and Niere

Department of Moderators

General Moderator
  • Jeffan and Ray
Current Events Moderator
  • Atreyu, Ninya and Ray
Frivolous Fun Moderator
  • Amaryla and Stephan
Tech & Media Moderator
  • Bryce and Lijena
Job Hunters Moderator
  • Samarasin and Zimone
Book Forum Moderators

1-8: Ivanor and Nico

9-13: Brienen and Nyavene

Chat Operators

Department of Philanthropy


Philanthopy News Correspondent

  • Ne'Mireth

Membership Philanthropic Interest Coordinator

  • Branwyn

Community Fundraising Coordinator

Other people

Department of Research

Assistant to Director of Research

Department of Technology


Zhareen Narelle - January 1 - present