A Crown of Swords: Chapter 26

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The Irrevocable Words

Chapter Icon: Sunburst

Point of View: Morgase

Setting: Amador

Characters: Morgase, Breane, Lini, Tallanvor, Basel Gill, Lamgwin, Suroth, Thera, Balwer


Morgase speaks the words to abdicate.


Morgase is lying in her bed, thinking about how she gave in to Eamon Valda. She is disgusted with herself and thinks that she has found the true borders of her courage in Valda's bed. Breane and Lini enter her room, and Breane tells Morgase not to be a coward. Morgase is afraid that the men know what has happened, but Breane replies that she and Lini have not told them.

Tallanvor enters with Basel Gill and Lamgwin. Basel Gill tells the women that he saw something like a large bird landing on top of the South Barracks, and that people climbed off it. Lini is angry that they have disturbed Morgase over some bird, but then Tallanvor sees something land atop the North Barracks. Morgase goes to the window and sees yet another shape land, and people climb off it. She is convinced that it must be Shadowspawn.

There is a flash of light and a big boom, and Morgase knows that the One Power is being used. Now she thinks that it is Aes Sedai, but Tallanvor thinks that "more likely it's some of those men, those Shamin or whatever they call themselves." He says that he can get Morgase outside the Fortress of the Light while there is so much commotion, but Lini refuses to let him take Morgase into the battle.

Seanchan soldiers come for Morgase, but she doesn't know this as she has never before seen Seanchan. She is taken from her room, alone, and led to the audience chamber. On the way, she sees Taraboner soldiers as well, and is shocked. The High Lady Suroth greets her, and proceeds to tell her about damane. She also tells Morgase that the Seanchan have taken over Tarabon, and intend to do the same in Amadicia. Morgase replies that Tarabon was a divided nation, and that it will not be so easy for the Seanchan to take over the rest of the nations. Morgase is horrified when she discovers that one of the servants with Suroth is Amathera, the former Panarch of Tarabon, and one of the damane used to be Aes Sedai. Suroth tells Morgase that Morgase can rule Andor under the Empress, if she swears the Seanchan oaths, and then dismisses her.

Morgase returns to her rooms and weighs her two options: she can aid the Seanchan in taking over Andor or she can rid Suroth of her leverage by jumping out the window and killing herself. She thinks, however, that the Queen of Andor should not die in such a manner, so she verbally relinquishes the throne: "Under the Light, I relinquish the High Seat of House Trakand to Elayne Trakand. Under the Light, I renounce the Rose Crown and abdicate the Lion Throne to Elayne, High Seat of House Trakand. Under the Light, I submit myself to the will of Elayne of Andor, her obedient subject." Lini and Breane do not hear her. When they realize that she was thinking about suicide, the three of them begin to bicker.

The men return with Sebban Balwer, who was Pedron Niall's secretary until he died. Balwer tells Morgase that he can get them outside Amador. Seanchan allow remarkable freedom to those who swear their oaths and he has received a pass to take up to ten people from Amador; Morgase accepts his offer. Balwer gets them outside Amador, and Morgase wonders what kind of life she will make for herself without a throne.

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