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Author: Ilissa al'Nari

Bree-AN Tah-BOR-wihn


Breane of House Taborwin is an unmarried Cairhienin noble of relatively high standing; she is pretty and has hard eyes that are not touched by her smile (TGH, Ch. 32). Her eyes are dark, and her face is pale as is typical for people of Cairhien, as is her slight height (CoT, Ch. 5).

She never manages to get rid of her haughty manner even when she outwardly accepts her status as a servant, at least not with Queen Morgase. She is meek around Pedron Niall, though (LoC, Prologue).


  • Breane Taborwin is born as a noble of relatively high standing in Cairhien, high enough that she is invited to the party Barthanes Damodred holds when Rand is in Cairhien. She joins Alaine Chuliandred and Belevaere Osiellin in trying to interest Rand, and he reacts by hurrying over to Thom Merrilin (TGH, Ch. 32). When she next appears, she is a fugitive from ravaged Cairhien and has fallen in love with Lamgwin Dorn. Through him, she ends up following Morgase Trakand, the Queen of Andor, as the latter flees from her 'lover' Gaebril to find support to regain her throne (TFoH, Ch. 11).
  • The first man the unlikely group of people tries to find is Gareth Bryne, but when they arrive at his estate Kore Springs, he is already gone and so they go on to Amadicia (TFoH, Ch. 56). In Amadicia Morgase tries to convince the puppet-head king, Ailron, to provide her with an army so that she can regain the throne with his aid. Breane pretends to be her servant, but Morgase is not satisfied with her service because she fails to give her the service she thinks she is due -- and because she offers that same respect to Pedron Niall so freely when he comes in and indirectly tells her that she and the others are under guard (LoC, Prologue). A while after, Morgase Trakand is put to the question by Rhadam Asunawa and Eamon Valda and Breane manages to put some spirit back into her with taunting words before a Seanchan officer comes to get Morgase. When she returns, Breane wonders what they should do now, and she calls Morgase a coward upon realizing that she considered killing herself because she could see no other way out. Tallanvor and Basel Gill bring Balwer, who says he knows a way out and that the Seanchan invasion will actually help them (ACoS, Ch. 26).
  • In Ghealdan, near a town called Bethal, the small group of fugitives are rescued by Perrin Aybara and his followers from some of the so-called Dragonsworn after what appears to be a misunderstanding. Faile offers to take them in as her and Perrin's retainers, and Morgase, who is now known as Maighdin, agrees on behalf of all of them. Breane, Lini, and Maighdin are all shocked when they realize Perrin has met both Basel Gill and Lamgwin Dorn before (TPoD, Ch. 7, Ch. 8).
  • Breane heads north with Lamgwin, Basel, and Lini (KoD, Ch. 29).
  • Breane and the others with her are captured (ToM, Ch. 2).
  • After their release, Faile releases her and Lamgwin back into the service of Morgase (ToM, Ch. 44).


Tries to 'pick up' Rand at Barthanes Damodred's party, but is unsuccessful (TGH, Ch. 32).

As a fugitive, she falls in love with Lamgwin Dorn and through him gets connected to Morgase Trakand, Lini Eltring, Martyn Tallanvor, and Basel Gill. Via them again she gets connected to Perrin and Faile.

Breane strongly dislkes Berelain (KoD, Ch. 26).


"Are these two spiders trying to toil you in their webs? Half the time they tangle themselves more firmly than anyone else. Come with me, my fine young Andoran, and I will tell you of some of the troubles they would give you. For one thing, I have no husband to worry about. Husbands always make trouble." (To Rand; The Great Hunt, Chapter 32)

"I have known hard days. And I never knew a good man until I found Lamgwin. Or until he found me. The loyalty and love he bears for you, I bear for him tenfold. He follows you, but I follow him. I will not be left behind." (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 19)

"If you want him, take him. Lamgwin says he is sworn to you, and I have seen him look at you." (To Morgase; Lord of Chaos, Prologue)

"If I could save Lamgwin, I would let them know you for the bleating sheep you are. He sees the Light made flesh in you; I see a woman without courage to accept the day. I will not let you destroy him with your cowardice." (To Morgase; A Crown of Swords, Chapter 26)