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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.


Chel Vanin is a former horse thief and poacher who was employed by Mat as a scout for the Band. He was so good at this that only the three other best, who themselves had escaped the attentions of most soldiers and all the commanders, even knew he was a thief (LoC, Ch. 22). He is an Andoran and very fat, but an excellent horseman (LoC, Ch. 22). Unlike the other scouts, who were on triple pay, he demanded quadruple, something Mat considered to have been good value. He also considers himself above much of the other mundane work of soldiering, such as putting up tents or hitching teams and wagons, something the others accept (CoT, Ch. 28; KoD, Ch. 8). He is balding with a gap in his teeth (LoC, Ch. 38). Vanin is somewhat protective of his position and was jealous of the Band having a mapmaker until it became clear that Roidelle was no guide (TGS, Ch. 20).


Vanin does not much like noblemen and approved of Mat not wanting to be called “lord” (LoC, Ch. 22). Despite this, by the time he reaches Ebou Dar, he is knuckling is forehead to Elayne and calling her “my Lady” (LoC, Ch. 47).

Vanin is good enough to notice Warders watching the Band from woods (LoC, Ch. 38).

Vanin roots out things before Siuan has the chance to plant them for him (LoC, Ch. 44).

He manages to avoid getting into scrapes while in Ebou Dar (ACoS, Ch. 12).

He is not good on boats (ACoS, Ch. 38).



“Vanin could steal a hen pheasant's eggs without disturbing her on the nest, though it was unlikely he would fail to put her in the sack too. Vanin could steal a horse out from under a nobleman without the nobleman knowing it for two days.” (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 22)

"You chase them off before they steal too much—they'll snap up children if you don't look sharp; raise them as their own—maybe you add a kick to speed them, but you don't do this. Who would?" (Vanin on murdered Tuatha'an; Lord of Chaos, Chapter 22)

“Lady Elayne would never go anywhere like that. The Aiel woman maybe, or Birgitte, but not Lady Elayne.” (On the Rahad, Lord of Chaos, Chapter 52)

"'Bloody well have,' Vanin said, then unabashedly scratched himself. Good man, Vanin. Mat smiled. Treated all people the same, Vanin did. Aes Sedai and all." (Mat watches Vanin talk with Joline Sedai; The Gathering Storm, Chapter 20)