Crossroads of Twilight: Chapter 25

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

Seanchan Helmet Chapter Icon.png

When to Wear Jewels

Chapter Icon: Insect like Helmet

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: Outside of Malden, So Habor

Characters: Perrin, Berelain, Arganda, Gallenne, Aram, Dannil, Masuri, Seonid, Neald, Balwer


Perrin and company go to So Habor in order to buy provisions.


Perrin is pacing inside his tent, thinking about Faile. Berelain is with him. She tells him to stop pacing, and he replies that he wants to be there when Gaul and the Maidens bring back Shaido prisoners. He wonders aloud about what is keeping Arganda, Alliandre's captain. Arganda appears, and gives Perrin a purse of coins, adding it to the two that Perrin already has, one from Perrin and one from Berelain.

Perrin leaves his tent and surveys the camp, disliking how it is beginning to seem so permanent. He sees Gallenne and several others getting ready to go to So Habor, where they will buy supplies since they are running low. He also sees Aram, who scowls at him before walking away. Perrin has decided that Aram must stay behind, since he has been so touchy lately; Perrin expects that things will be touchy enough in So Habor without Aram starting fights. He tells Dannil, who he is leaving in charge, to keep an eye on Aram and Arganda.

Masuri and Seonid appear with their three Warders. Perrin, the Aes Sedai, Berelain and Gallenne, with a small entourage of Mayener guards, leave the camp and make their way to a clearing, where Fager Neald and twenty Two Rivers men are waiting. Balwer is also there with two members of Cha Faile.

Neald opens a gateway to a place a few miles away from So Habor, and everyone rides through. They see a Seanchan creature flying above them, and Perrin tells everyone that it has nothing to do with them. He thinks to himself that if Neald has made a mistake and taken them somewhere other than So Habor, he will strangle him.

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