Lord of Chaos: Chapter 51

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Author: Leora Oldessroth

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The Taking

Chapter Icon: A black head on a white background facing a white head on a black background

Points of View: Rand, Bain, Perrin


Rand is tricked and kidnapped by the Tower emissary and held captive in Lady Arilyn's basement.


Rand's Point of View:

Location: The Sun Palace

Characters: Rand, Sulin, Coiren, Galina, Katerine, Janine Pavlara, Beldeine Nyram, Marith Riven

Sulin is helping Rand get dressed; Rand is ignoring Lews Therin's voice cackling in his head about getting rid of Demandred and Sammael. Rand is preparing to meet Elaida's emissaries and Sulin is admonishing him to show respect. Rand inquires whether Min has gotten there yet. Sulin tells him that Min is still with Sorilea out in the tents. Rand tells Sulin to go fetch Min. She grudgingly complies.

Rand feels good about the meeting; he expects to fend off Coiren's questions for a bit and then go practice the sword. He feels that Alanna is getting closer to him. Rand goes to the Grand Hall and sits on the Dragon Throne. Chiad announces the arrival of Elaida's emissary and Rand tells her to send them in. Coiren, Galina and Katerine enter, followed by a dozen hooded serving women who haul in two brass-bound chests. Rand is disdainful that the Aes Sedai think they can buy him.

Galina tells Rand that it is a pity his "Green" sister isn't there today. Galina thinks that Moiraine is not actually dead but rather that she faked her death and is masquerading as a Green Aes Sedai advising Rand; she thinks that it was Moiraine who was hidden during their previous interviews with Rand (actually it was Egwene). Rand thinks that Galina and the others have figured out that Alanna has bonded him.

This infuriates Rand and he embraces the source just in time to feel himself being shielded. The serving women begin throwing back their hoods, revealing that they too are Aes Sedai. There are fifteen of them altogether. Coiren tells him it is a pity he didn't just cooperate and go willingly to Tar Valon. Galina takes charge; it had been previously agreed that if it became necessary to kidnap Rand, the Red Ajah would take charge of him. The Aes Sedai bind him and place him in one of the chests. Rand wants to scream but is unable to open his mouth.

Bain's Point of View:

Location: The Sun Palace

Characters: Bain, Chiad, Galina

Bain and Chiad are standing outside the Grand Hall. Bain is surprised when the Aes Sedai come out of the Grand Hall very quickly after entering. She stands up and is confronted by Galina. Galina tells her that Rand rudely left them and that they are not used to such rude behaviour. She says they will return if he comes back to the palace in the next few days. Once the Aes Sedai leave, Bain and Chiad hurry into the Grand Hall.

Perrin's Point of View:

Location: The Sun Palace

Characters: Perrin, Loial, Nandera, Faile

Nandera tells Perrin that Rand has left the palace; Loial and Faile are also in the room playing stones. Perrin is disbelieving. Nandera tells Perrin that this is normal behaviour for Rand and asks if he knows where Rand went. Perrin doesn't know. Loial is distracted by the conversation and Faile tells him to pay attention to the game.

Setting: Cairhien

Characters: Rand

Rand is being held captive in the basement of Lady Arilyn's Palace. Six Aes Sedai are holding his shield. Galina brings him food and tells him that he will eat or be fed. Rand tries to figure out how to break the shield. He finds a point that feels different - as if the wall isn't solid but is six points converging into one. Rand doesn't know any of the Aes Sedai shielding him and he has lost track of time. He regrets not taking Moiraine's advice to trust no Aes Sedai. He hopes that perhaps one of the Wise Ones who can channel or another Aes Sedai will walk past where he is being held and notice the channeling.

Sorilea's Point of View:

Setting: Cairhien

Characters: Sorilea

Sorilea is actually walking outside of where Rand is being held and can feel the channeling going on inside but since the Aes Sedai have been channeling non-stop since they arrived in Cairhien, she pays it no mind. Sorilea and the Maidens are worried because Min vanished at the same time as Rand.

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