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This article is about the Red Ajah in the Wheel of Time books. For information about the Red Ajah at TarValon.Net see Red Ajah

Author: Leora Oldessroth


One of the seven Ajahs, the Red Ajah is devoted to preventing another Breaking of the World; they carry out this duty by hunting down men who can channel and gentling them (TEotW, Ch. 12).

The women of the Red Ajah generally care little what happens to any male, according to Lan (TGH, Ch. 1). Moiraine thinks that Red Ajah does not see much difference between men and Trollocs; she thinks that women of the Red Ajah do not like men and that a Red would not help a man unless she has special need of him (TGH, Ch. 4; Ch. 6). Alanna thinks that Reds despise all men as if they are all responsible for the Breaking (TDR, Ch. 25).

Seaine thinks that the Red Ajah attracts some women who are naturally suspicious of men but others choose it because the task of gentling men who can channel is an important one. Seaine also believes that whether women who join the Red initially like, dislike or do not care one way or the other about men, they eventually all take on a jaundiced view of men (ACoS, Ch. 32).

Still, it cannot be said that all Reds unequivocally hate men; Verin has heard several of them say they wish for a Warder (TGH, Ch. 8). When Pevara joined the Red Ajah, she was severely disciplined for stating she wished to have a Warder; once she became a Sitter for the Red Ajah, she openly declared that having Warders would make the Red Ajah’s job easier (ACoS, Ch. 32). Jezrail still keeps a painted miniature of the boy she almost married instead of coming to the Tower and still speaks of him fondly. Desala will dance with men through the night until she is exhausted and Melare pays for her nephews’ and grandnephews’ educations (KoD, Ch. 31).

The Red Ajah is seldom gentle (TGH, Ch. 4).


The Red Ajah is the largest Ajah (TWoRJTWoT).

The Head of the Red Ajah is called the Highest; she is considered by other Reds to be an equal of the Amyrlin Seat (ACoS, Ch. 40). Every Red sister, including Sitters, obeys the Highest as though her word is law; the exception by Ajah law is that the Highest cannot command Sitters to vote a certain way in the Hall, although some Highests have managed to make sure votes go their way regardless (KoD, Prologue).

Tsutama Rath is currently the Highest of the Red Ajah (KoD, Prologue). Before her, the Highest was Galina Casban (ACoS, Ch. 40).


Reds rarely have friends outside their own Ajah (TSR, Ch. 1).

The Reds have recently formed an alliance in the Hall of the Tower with the Green Ajah; Siuan and Moiraine think this odd because Reds and Greens approach men and being Aes Sedai from completely different places (TGH, Ch. 40). The Greens do not think much of the Red’s tradition of not bonding Warders (LoC, Ch. 11).

The Red Ajah and the Blue Ajah do not get along (TFoH, Ch. 15). Siuan believes this is due in part to the fact that the two Amyrlins raised from the Red, Bonwhin and Tetsuan, were removed from power and replaced by Amyrlins raised from the Blue Ajah. Siuan believes the Red Ajah will use any pretext to remove an Amyrlin raised from the Blue Ajah from power (TGH, Ch. 5). The Red Ajah resents that there has been no Amyrlin raised from the Red since Bonwhin (TSR, Ch. 28).

The White Ajah usually sides with the Blue against the Red (TSR, Ch. 1). Despite this, the White Ajah supported Elaida for the Amyrlin Seat, although they would only fully support her if a White was named Keeper (TFoH, Prologue).


The Red Ajah does not bond Warders (TSR, Ch. 30). As of “Knife of Dreams,” this is beginning to change. Tsutama has agreed to let Red sisters bond men who can channel as several Reds think that it is the only way to control them. According to Pevara, “Custom can be as hard to change as law, harder at times, but it has been decided to change ours. Henceforth, Red sisters may bond Warders, but only men who can channel” (KoD, Epilogue).

While most Aes Sedai only wear their shawls for formal occasions, the Red sisters often wear their shawls when there is no particular reason to (ACoS, Ch. 32).


  • The Red Ajah tend to believe that the Ogier prolonged the Breaking by offering sanctuary to male channelers at the stedding (TEotW, Ch. 43).
  • When a new Aes Sedai who is headed for the Red Ajah is taking her oaths on the Oath Rod, she often grimaces when she speaks the part of the vow about Warders (TPoD, Ch. 26).


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