Towers of Midnight: Chapter 26

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Points of View: Perrin and Galad


Perrin agrees to stand trial. Galad discovers Morgase is alive and in Perrin's camp.


Perrin's Point of View:

Setting: Perrin's Camp

Characters: Arganda, Edarra, Gaul, Grady, Neald, Seonid,

Grady and Neald tell Perrin that they are well enough to channel as necessary, but that they have been unable to open gateways. Grady seems confident that they just need more practice. Perrin thinks about the axe and the hammer and why it was important for him to give away the axe. He asks the Wise Ones and Aes Sedai if they can disrupt the ground in front of the Whitecloaks, to frighten them. Seonid says she cannot as it would be using the Power as a weapon. Grady and Neald do it instead. After, Perrin has Grady amplify his voice and he requests parley.

Galad's Point of View:

Setting: The Whitecloak camp and Perrin's camp

Characters: Alliandre, Berelain, Dain Bornhald, Faile, Galad, Harnesh, Jaret Byar, Morgase

Galad is shocked by the destruction and assumes it is the Wise Ones. He had thought that by telling his men to avoid Aes Sedai and not threaten them they would be safe from the Power but he now realises that is not the case. Against the advice of Byar and Bornhald, he agrees to meet with Perrin, but tells Harnesh to attack if he should be killed. At the meeting, he sees Berelain and is awestruck. Perrin tells him Elayne has secured her claim then tells him that the encounter is not about the army but about two Whitecloaks he killed. Perrin explains he was defending himself and his friends, but Galad does not except this as an excuse. Perrin offers to stand trial, but they can't agree on a judge. As Galad prepares to leave, he sees Morgase and realises she lives. Perrin suggests her as the judge and Galad agrees. He insists that Galad release the prisoners in exchange for Alliandre making the verdict legally binding in Ghealdan.


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Why can't the Asha'man Travel?

Character Development

  • Perrin is wondering if he was right to have the Wolfheads burnt.
  • Morgase tries to make him see the world is not always black and white.


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