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Ahmyra al'Ruley Ahmyra al'Ruley aka Amanda Green teardrop.png

Bonded to Wil Cambrae

Aliandra Santorin Aliandra Santorin aka Melissa Green teardrop.png

Bonded to Arn Oakenskye

Alor Sionn Alor Sionn

Bonded to Elanda Tonil

Arafel al Dama Arafel al Dama Blue teardrop.png

Bonded to Caerwyn Jolan

Aryawnah Federov Aryawnah Federov aka Cassandra Green teardrop.png

Bonded to Kaldam Luciere

Avery d'Itkarya Avery d'Itkarya aka Adrienne Brown teardrop.png

Bonded to Ky Alduranai

Badria Aidan Badria Aidan aka Johanna Gray teardrop.png

Bonded to John al'Ramin

Bio: Badria has been a member of TV.Net since November 2006 and a member of the Grey Ajah since the beginning of 2009. She has attended several Europarties, one D*Con and Tenth Anni and is bonded to the most amazing John al’Ramin.

Johanna was born in 1989 in Salzburg, Austria and now lives in Glasgow, Scotland. She loves books, painting, drawing, playing around with photoshop and pretty much everything else that could be considered creative (or insane... it probably depends on who you ask).

Cassie Dainar Cassie Dainar aka Cassie

Bonded to Soronhen Ciryaher

Bio: Cassie has been a member of tarvalon since 2005. She has served as Sitter, Heart, and Head of the Brown Ajah and the Mistress of Revels for North America. Cassie has attended every D*Con since 2005 and every JCon. She has also attended most Anni and Fall Ball events since joining.

The offline Cassie lives in Chattanooga Tennessee with her boyfriend and two cats. She spends her non-work hours reading and watching baseball or hockey.

Coramin Amnell Coramin Amnell Gray teardrop.png

Bonded to Giles Ru'Orden

Dovienya el'Korim Dovienya el'Korim Green teardrop.png

Bonded to Ty al'Djinn

Dralyn Montsier Dralyn Montsier aka Amanda Green teardrop.png

Bonded to Jayrik Thaurturion

Bio: Dralyn has been in SDS longer than most of SDS, given that she bonded into the Company in 2003. She has held a variety of administrative positions, mentored various people, attended more events than she cares to admit, and is more involved than she will ever let on. When she's not on the forums, she's busy with her husband, two children, and other volunteer/non-profit work.

Elania al'Manir Elania al'Manir aka Alex Yellow teardrop.png

Bonded to Brandon Tat'vakja

Faeril Munlear Faeril Munlear aka Melissa Green teardrop.png

Bonded to Sothalis Braevin

Fern al'Thorn Fern al'Thorn Yellow teardrop.png

Bonded to Analiese Sinclaer

Jaryd Kosari Jaryd Kosari aka Sunny Green teardrop.png

Bonded to Anigrel Tavadon and Ty al'Djinn

Kassidy Rose ni DaiShan t'al'Kalin Kassidy Rose ni DaiShan t'al'Kalin Green teardrop.png

Bonded to Jas'yn Al'Dragoran

Khisanth al'Danya Khisanth al'Danya aka The Dragon Yellow teardrop.png

Bonded to Pol Rohanson

Affectionately known as The Dragon, Khis has been a member of the Tower since 2004. She was raised to Aes Sedai at the first Denver Anni in 2005. Khis is one of the first Lemon-Lime Sisters and has shown that there is another side to Yellow besides “sweetness and light”. She has been a frequent attendee at DragonCon events along with her trusty flogger. She is currently the Head of the Yellow Ajah and has served several terms as a Sitter.

Kitan Tataru Kitan Tataru White teardrop.png

Bonded to Nethanel al'Tere

Kyyri Moran Kyyri Moran aka Katy Brown teardrop.png

Bonded to Robertus Cain

Laralelle Susandrea Laralelle Susandrea White teardrop.png

Bonded to Locus Sarania

Lauraine al'Thone Lauraine al'Thone aka Laura Green teardrop.png

Bonded to Pol Rohanson

Leilwyn al'Raen Leilwyn al'Raen aka Simone Blue teardrop.png

Bonded to Mazarin Ashinar

Bio: Leilwyn has been a member of since April 2003, and Bonded to Mazarin and SDS since October 2004. In her time at the Tower she has served in a variety of different capacities in a variety of different departments and areas, however in more recent years she has become particularly lazy and spends more time lurking and pretending to have a real life than actively posting.

In her pretend real life, Leilwyn lives in Australia with her boyfriend and demon-spawn cat Jinx, works in administration and support for a soulless multinational corporation, and spends most of her time studying interior design, planning overseas trips that unfortunately only rarely move from planning to action, cooking and accidentally finishing whole bottles of wine.

Lireina Dormerus t'al`Bearach Lireina Dormerus t'al'Bearach aka Liz Green teardrop.png

Bonded to Doneavan al'Keavin and Azi al'Thone

Lyoness al'Thorn t'Morsin Lyoness al'Thorn t'Morsin aka Sherry Blue teardrop.png

Bonded to Jakeb Morsin t'al'Thorn

Muirenn Lina Alianin Muirenn Lina Alianin aka Aubree Green teardrop.png

Bonded to Esteban Diego

Nebka Galyn Nebka Galyn Red teardrop.png

Bonded to Analiese Sinclaer

Onis O'Leia Onis O'Leia aka Blesha Green teardrop.png

Bonded to Darian Coralis

Raevyn Tsornin Raevyn Tsornin Blue teardrop.png

Bonded to Sean Dragoran

Raylin Delayn Raylin Delayn aka Crystal Yellow teardrop.png

Bonded to Mac al'Bannon

Roheryn ni Galghandhrei t'al'Djinn Roheryn ni Galghandhrei t'al'Djinn aka C.J. Green teardrop.png

Bonded to Ty al'Djinn and Feros Sandulf

Seraph Delandra Seraph Delandra Blue teardrop.png

Bonded to Jas'yn Al'Dragoran

Serenla Tamowith Serenla Tamowith aka Jen Brown teardrop.png

Bonded to Nethanel al'Tere

Bio: Serenla lives just North of Atlanta, GA with her husband and two dogs. No kids! Just dogs. A Great Dane named Kiley and a Boxer named Wendy. She spent over a decade in the banking industry, but now works for an e-commerce company. She refuses to state her age here, but will gladly tell you if you actually ask! She's an avid reader and dislikes romantic comedies, preferring dark and twisted movies instead. If the Doctor showed up in his Tardis, she'd gladly leave you all behind to go adventuring!

Serenla has served as Heart and Head of the Brown Ajah and as Director of Membership. She also served 3 years as the site's Conference Coordinator.

Stasia t'Andrei Stasia t'Andrei aka Amanda Green teardrop.png

Bonded to Azi al'Thone

Tree Tree Green teardrop.png

Bonded to Alcyon Devrix

Tyeslan Al'Monhan Tyeslan Al'Monhan Green teardrop.png

Bonded to Roland al'Kena

Vallah al'Dera Vallah al'Dera aka Raiven Green teardrop.png

Bonded to Miliham Rastoubel

Yelenia Hylraren Yelenia Hylraren aka Rachel Brown teardrop.png

Bonded to James Davion

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