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Alcyon Devrix Alcyon Devrix

Analiese Sinclaer Analiese Sinclaer

Anigrel Tavadon Anigrel Tavadon aka Jeremy

Bonded to Jaryd Kosari

Bio: Anigrel joined the site in October 2005. After a ‘brief’ absence due to RL getting in the way, he joined the Tower in April 2011. He was raised to Gaidin in 2008 and since then has held a seat on The Warder Council on two separate occasions. At 8th Anni Party, February 2009, he had the two distinct honors of being bonded live to Murasaki al’Aevon of the Blue Ajah and also won the title Blademaster in the Amyrlin’s Tournament.

In RL Jeremy was a U.S. Marine and now attends Zion Bibe College, majoring in Pastoral Ministries. He was married in August 2011 to a wonderful woman that inspires him to dream, but keeps his feet on the ground. Currently they have no children but have a Rottie/Lab mix named Rhuarc. Jeremy would describe himself as being laid-back and a people person, but highly protective of friends and family.

Arn Oakenskye Arn Oakenskye aka Jason

Bonded to Aliandra Santorin

Azi al'Thone Azi al'Thone aka Anthony

Bonded to Lireina Dormerus t'al`Bearach and Stasia t'Andrei

Bio: Azi lives in Windsor, ON with his wife/fiance (depending on when you read this), Lauraine Berryn. He works full-time as a software engineer and attends university part-time. He considers himself easy going, optimistic, incredibly nerdy and a bit of an attention whore. He enjoys scifi/fantasy, videogames and wargaming, and most especially meat and beer. You may call him a fatty, and you may be right (you are).

He has attended two JordanCon conventions, and countless parties and small gatherings in Michigan. He is a member of the Graphics Development team in the Tower. He received the Member's Choice award for Outstanding Recruit Involvement 2011. He received his Tower name from Brandon Sanderson and appears in the final two Wheel of Time books.


Caerwyn Jolan Caerwyn Jolan aka Joe

Bonded to Arafel al Dama


Darian Coralis Darian Coralis aka Nick

Bonded to Onis O'Leia

Bio: Darian has been a member since December 2002. He has been to Anni 2004 also known as the "Great Chicago Flood Anni" as well as Anni 2010 and is planning on attending plenty more. He is currently serving as Company Commander of SDS, and has served as Honor Gaurd and as a Warder Councillor three multiple times.

Nick Currently lives in Elyria, Ohio, where he enjoys video games, reading pretty much anything that catches his eye, and spending time with his adorable Nephew Kaleb. He also enjoys hiking, fishing, and hanging out in chat cracking jokes and having a good time.

Doneavan al'Keavin Doneavan al'Keavin aka Dom

Bonded to Lireina Dormerus t'al`Bearach


Esteban Diego Esteban Diego aka Steve

Bonded to Muirenn Lina Alianin


Giles Ru'Orden Giles Ru'Orden aka John

Bonded to Coramin Amnell

Bio: John has been an inactive member of TV since 2004. He lives in the wonderful state of New Jersey where he spends countless hours watching sports, reading, and playing video games. John is currently a microbiologist at the Dow Chemical Company and has a weiner dog named Miles.


Jakeb Morsin t'al'Thorn Jakeb Morsin t'al'Thorn aka Jeremy

Bonded to Lyoness al'Thorn t'Morsin

Bio: Jakeb has been a member of the Tower since mid 2000. He served as Master at Arms, leading the men of the Tower up until the forming of the companies. When it came time to step down, he joined his brothers in SDS.

In the real world, J lives in Ontario with his wife, Lyoness, and their two children. He enjoys video games, reading, weight training, juggling, and drinking.

James Davion James Davion aka Greg

Bonded to Yelenia Hylraren

Jas'yn Al'Dragoran Jas'yn Al'Dragoran

Bonded to Seraph Delandra

John al'Ramin John al'Ramin aka John

Bonded to Badria Aidan

Bio: John has been a member of the tower since January 4th, 2004. On the site, he is in the running for biggest pain in the ass, has served on the Warder Council and has been a member of San d'ma Shadar since 2006.

In real life, John is a massage therapist and continuing his education in the field. Has attended TV.Net's 6th Anniversary party in 2007, enjoys chilling out on the computer and downing a few drinks here and there. Bring on the rum!


Ky Alduranai Ky Alduranai aka Lourd

Bonded to Avery d'Itkarya

Kaldam Luciere Kaldam Luciere aka Brendan/Ringo

Bonded to Aryawnah Federov


Locus Sarania Locus Sarania aka Shawn

Bonded to Laralelle Susandrea

Bio: I'm Locus. I have been a member of the Tower around about 2008. I am one of the new generations of Bears on this site. I have been a part of TVT, and am a member of the Gleemans Guild. Off site you may find me at an Anni or local event. I love to have fun and making things fun for those around me.

In RL my name is Shawn. I tend to overthink things. I like to dance; it’s the most favorite thing I like to do. I am Guyanese and if you have to ask then you must not know about Google. I also enjoy going out to the movies, playing Call of Duty, and bowling. RL or in the Tower I am, and will always be SDS.


Mazarin Ashinar Mazarin Ashinar aka Mark

Bonded to Leilwyn al'Raen

Miliham Rastoubel Miliham Rastoubel aka Josh

Bonded to Vallah al'Dera


Nethanel Nethanel al'Tere

Bonded to Serenla Tamowith

Bio: Nethanel joined Tar after Anni 2011 which he attended with his wife Rhed al'Tere (SDS-in-Exile). Nethanel broke his mentor's streak of mentees aspiring to MDD.

In real-life he works in the construction industry and spends his free time enjoying the company of his wife, two cats, and playing the occasional video game.


Pol Pol Rohanson

Bonded to Khisanth al'Danya


Robertus Cain Robertus Cain aka Rob

Bonded to Kyyri Moran

Roland al'Kena Roland al'Kena aka David


Sean al'Dragoran Sean al'Dragoran aka Sean

Soronhen Ciryaher Soronhen Ciryaher aka Chris

Bonded to Cassandra Dainar

Bio: Soronhen has been with the Tower since 2006 and lives in Tennessee with his Aes Sedai, Cassandra Dainar of the Brown Ajah. Don't expect to see this Gaidin around the boards or in chat much anymore, but he usually attends most offical TarValon events in North America, and the two *con events in Atlanta. "Soro" likes to spend his time AFK reading, throwing darts, and watching hockey or soccer.

Ask Soronhen about San d'ma Shadar if you're curious! Soro Gaidin has served in all 3 offical positions for San d'ma Shadar; Company Commander, Honor Guard, and Warder Councillor. He also won a Membership Award in 2010 for Gaidin Most Representative of His Company. Soronhen has mentored Idris, Paderic, and Nethanel through the Garrison here at TarValon.Net.


Ty al'Djinn Ty al'Djinn aka Tyler

Bonded to Roheryn ni Galghandhrei t'al'Djinn and Jaryd Kosari


Willam Cambrae Willam Cambrae aka Wil

Bonded to Ahmyra al'Ruley

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