Ariadne Davion

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Avatar Ariadne.png ArieRL.jpg
Avatar Real Life
Ariadne Davion
Real Name Andrea
Location Oregon, USA
Birthday April 22
TarValon.Net Information
Affiliation Yellow Ajah
Rank Aes Sedai
Join Date August 27, 2007
Bonded to Ghaul Ronshor
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Ariadne Davion, an Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah. She is Married to James Davion, mother to Samantha Lynne, and James Doneavan.

Tower History

Tower Involvement



Yellow Ajah
Gray Ajah
  • Historian of the Gray Ajah:
    • January 1, 2014 - December 31, 2014
    • January 1, 2011 - December 31, 2012
  • Gray Ajah Chatmistress:
    • January 1, 2014 - December 31, 2014
    • January 1, 2011 - April 1, 2013
  • Grayt_News!: The Gray Newsletter
Moderator & Ops
Records and Research


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Privileges Earned

  • Extra Bond


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Tower Relationships






Yellow Ajah

Big Sister
Naedys Channirra‎
Yellow Littles

Gray Ajah

  • Snow Leopard
Gray Pieing
Gray Guide

Other Tower Relationships

Official Event Attendance


Random Avatars
  • Arie's Sponsors into the Tower were James Davion and Marrow Rahien.
  • Former Swedish Fish and Wasteland Wanderers Roommate.
  • Participated in the Seanchan Invasion of 2010, and was responsible for the graphic banners during the event.
  • As a Damane, Eira shielded and captured the Keeper Dralyn Montsier.
  • Started the Shawl Kitten, or "Titten" fad, which includes Eluial Aldaran, Ilyana Mandorallen, Alora Sionn, Zandera Sommers, Elatheara Bal A' Vilzaine, Seryse ni Cousland, Owena al'Saturni, Relinya Ryviarra, Fern al'Thorn. Delara Morellin and Chiema Purvene'Caba is the most recent of additions.
  • As Yzma, mafia, won with the rest of her team in the Disney Mafia game.
  • Will at random change her Avatar for a short period if only to show a slight rebellion. Rarely ever lasts a week.
  • Has made more Anni Beer Tasting Logos than she has actually participated in.
  • Is the Head of the Black Leather Ajah (Anni 2014), bonding Ivanor Winshaw.
  • Won the first Sword Form Competition with a perfect score, forms included Lightning of Three Prongs, Brazen Hussy, and Pie In Face.
  • While a member of the Gray Ajah, Arie's Graytling baby animal was a Snow Leopard.
  • "Veni Vidi Amavi" is a newly adopted personal motto inspired by the Yellow Ajah. Meaning "I Came I Saw I Love".

Tower Sworn Interview

November 22, 2017

Ajah Questions
Why did you choose Yellow?

In my journey through the Ajah's I learned a lot of what I am, what I saw myself as and dove deeper to try and understand where that core was. I will be the first to admit that I resonate with all the Ajah's in some way. I always have. I even resonate with 1-2 Companies, though I clearly am drawn most strongly to SDS (the group I chose Yellow over). Causes, choices, actions. At the core of them, at the core of me, is Love. I fight battles that aren't always my own out of Love. I seek to find balance and common ground out of Love. And that Love is selfless.

What brings me the most joy in life is making others happy. To help make things better, to fix what is broken; be it a website, a relationship, a hurt soul. It all starts to pile up and after reflecting on what that was for me, Yellow became a no brainer.

Are you like the Yellows in the Books? Do you care for people and love to heal things?

I am, and I am not a book Yellow. It would be more accurate to describe me as a book Blue or Red.

Though, I have a bit of every 'Ajah' dispersed in my personality. Some good and some bad. I am Blue in my drive for a cause and justice. I am Brown in my OCD for books, order and my general love of the written word. I am Green in my fierce loyalty to my sisters and I will draw swords to protect what needs saving at the cost of my life. I am White in my addiction to philosophy and and the more worldly questions that question the mind and challenge how we live out lives as a whole. I am Yellow in my ability to heal the Soul, support and aid in ways that sometimes defies the laws of medicine or even logic. I am Red in my fight for a stronger world by protecting Humanity with making the decisions that are hard to make. And last but not least I am Gray in my hope for peace, good will and an understanding of others that are far different than myself, even if my views are different and do not agree with theirs.

Do you have a favorite Yellow Ajah character from the novels?

No, not really. I didn't connect much with the Yellow's in the books as I am not a physical healer.

Book Questions
How long have you been a fan of the Wheel of Time series?

I have been a fan of the books since 2000, and about that time is when I stumbled onto which was the start of my internet book-cult craze.

How did you first get into the series?

A [ex-]boyfriend actually got me interested in Fantasy. Wheel of Time was just one of many series that wet my tongue in this genre. This was way back in 1999-2000. I joined another WoT site and it pretty much cemented my love for the world. I read up til book 4 when I put it down for many years even though I was still 'very' active in various communities. I did not complete reading it, however, until 2007 and then once again in 2009 when TGS was released. I delightfully await the next edition.

Who is your favorite "hero"?

At first Siuan and Egwene were my favorite, and while they still very much are I have also grown to love Galad. Not for the typical 'too cute' kind of aspect but because I find that he is the one character that i can't entirely predict. He surprises me and with each book I have grow to add him into my list of favorites.

Favorite bad guy/gal?

Graendal, as she is me without morals. However I have found that I don't like the way she's been written by Sanderson but I can forgive him as we're still getting the end of the series.

Favorite book and scene?

I think my favorite scene, as hard as it is to pick out, is in The Gathering Storm where Egwene speaks before the hall and appoints Silviana as her Keeper. I always go back to it because of the impact that it made, and the tone set for the White Tower. That, and they deserved it and I'm glad someone told them off.

If you were set down in Randland, who/what would you see yourself as? An Aes Sedai? Innkeeper? Seanchan Captain?

Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah, unless I am unable to channel, then possibly a crafter or one of the library Keepers in Cairhien or Andor. Unless I felt -really- brave I'd try and petition to join the Tower Guard and maybe be a Warder.

General Questions
What do you do in "real life"?

I am a "stay at home mom", but professionally I'm a Web and Graphic Designer. Or at least that is what I went to school for. I want to be a writer, and I want to work in management in a good company. I have learned that I really like working with people and managing projects and people. In that way, I take after my mother who went from Accountant to Project Manager for a different company. I hope to stay as versatile in that regard.

Do you have any hobbies?

Many!! I write Post-by-Post Roleplay, Knit, and Crochet. I'm learning to be a better cook but am more successful with baby food as my daughter seems quite forgiving and eats everything I put in front of her. I also Roleplay Pathfinder with friends on the weekends with my husband.

What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

My taste in music is rather eclectic. I am more likely to have a favorite sound than band preference. World, Poetically Dark, Ambient, Goth, Opera, Lyrical.. If you want a Playlist, you won't have enough room here.

What are some of your favorite movies / television shows?

Once Upon a Time, Merlin, NCIS, the HGTV & Cooking Channel. My TV watching varies. My favorite all-time movie is Ever After, with How to Train Your Dragon as a pretty close second.

Aside from The Wheel of Time, what are a few of your favorite books/series?

Archangel Series, Anita Blake Series, Highlander (Karen Moning) Series, Anything by Jonathon Stroud, Tamora Pearce, CS Friedman, Nalini Singh... I could go on..

What profession did you want to have when you were a kid?

I wanted to be a Vet but then I had this fear of blood. Then I wanted to be a teacher and spent time at summer camp and decided against it. Since then I still aspire to be an Author.