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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Atal Mishraile is an Asha'man loyal to Taim. He is tall with wavy golden hair to his broad shoulders and a winning smile. He is very young, yet, and beautiful with blue eyes and a deep voice (CoT, Prologue).

Donalo Sandomere reports to Logain that he learned Mishraile was having private lessons from Taim (WH, Prologue). Unlike other who join Taim, Mishraile is not Turned (AMoL, Ch. 3).

He rides toward Logain, Toveine and Gabrelle when they are out to tell him Taim approved Logain's request to go recruiting. Mishraile cannot see why Logain wants to, because there are enough Dedicated and Soldiers to do the job, but he thinks teaching them can be unnerving after a while. That is why he suggested to Logain that he ask Taim to join his private lessons, which Logain declines (CoT, Prologue).

When he questions Pevara's proposal of bonding Asha'man, Taim strikes him with a Fist of Air, cracking his skull and breaking his jaw. Taim refuses to let Melare Heal him; Mishraile has to survive until nightfall before he allows it, as a kind of lesson (KoD, Epilogue). He survives the attack and supervises the training of soldiers (ToM, Ch. 56). He is with Mezar when Androl is demoted (AMoL, Ch. 3). After Androl's failed attempt to rescue Logain Mishraile tells him he will kill him (AMoL, Ch. 8). He leaves with Taim while Toveine is being turned (AMoL, Ch. 10), but they return shortly after. When Taim decides to leve for shayol Ghul, he orders Mishraile to kill the captives (AMoL, Ch. 14). He survives the attack by Canler and the Two Rivers boys when Taim is driven from the Black Tower and during the Battle of Merrilor takes Androl to Taim while Androl is disguised as Nensen. After Taim and Demandred have been killed, and the Heroes of the Horn called, he decides to abandon the fight, though he considers killing Alviarin, Nensen, Ayako, Donalo, Rianna and Kash to cover his escape. When Androl disguises himself as Rand, Mishraile is first through the gateway chasing him and the first into the stedding, where he is held captive (AMoL, Ch. 42).


"Are you bedding both of them, Logain?" he said in a deep voice. "The plump one looks cold-eyed, to me, but the other appears warm enough." (Mishraile to Logain about Toveine and Gabrelle; Crossroads of Twilight, Prologue)

"Maybe if you ask the M'Hael, he'll let you join his classes at the palace. You wouldn't be bored then." (Mishraile to Logain; Crossroads of Twilight, Prologue)

"A tall, golden-haired man standing near the dais sneered at her. 'Why should we allow Aes Sedai to take any m--' Something unseen struck the side of his head so hard that his feet left the floor tiles before he fell in a heap, eyes closed and blood trickling from his nostrils." (Mishraile on Pevara's proposal to bond Asha'man; Knife of Dreams, Epilogue)

"I’m going to enjoy killing you for what you did to Coteren" (AMoL, Ch. 8)