Bel Tine 2010

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Bel Tine 2010 was held between between March 19 and March 26.

The official signature for Bel Tine 2010, created by Alyvendra d'Arebar.

Activities included:

  • WoT Character Roast - Rand & Nynaeve
  • Bonfire chat event
  • Give a friend a flower - there was a selection of flowers you could send to your friends, either through the OE Team or you could do it yourself. You see two of these flowers below:
Narcissus.jpg Skunkcabbage.jpg
  • Dear Narg
  • Egg Hunt Easter egg.png


One of the Brown Ajah's avatars.
One of the Blue Ajah's avatars.


Best Theme


Egg Hunt

Easter eggs.gif

Sunday Sig Contest