Seta Zarbey

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Author: Zashara Da'sainne

SEE-tah ZAHR-bae


Seta Zarbey is a Seanchan sul'dam. She has yellow hair and blue eyes and is about Nynaeve's size (TGH, Ch. 45). She is a pale woman (WH, Ch. 30).

Seta was captured by Nynaeve, Min, and Elayne in Falme. Nynaeve and Elayne discovered the a'dam worked on the sul'dam (TGH, Ch. 45) and used Seta to get into the damane quarters to free Egwene (TGH, Ch. 46). Seta is left collared and found by another sul'dam, Alwhin (WH, Ch. 20).

In Ebou Dar, Seta is blackmailed into joining Mat's escape party (WH, Ch. 30). She controls the a'dam of Edesina (WH, Ch. 31). Seta shares a wagon with the other sul'dam and Aes Sedai when they travel with Valan Luca's Circus (CoT, Ch. 3).


  • She is captured by Nynaeve, Min, and Elayne and collared (TGH, Ch. 45).
  • Seta is used by Nynaeve, Min, and Elayne to get into the damane quarters (TGH, Ch. 46).
  • Seta is left collared in the damane quarters in Falme (TGH, Ch. 46).
  • Seta and Renna offer to collar the Aes Sedai that Mat saved to make them behave properly (CoT, Ch. 3).
  • When Teslyn, Joline and Edesina leave for Tar Valon, Seta goes with them. Mat asks her to find a way to fix the problem of sul'dam being able to channel so that it doesn't cause the Empire to collapse. She seems to take heart from this (ToM, Ch. 17).


  • After being questioned by Mat about why the Aes Sedai are leaving the wagons, Seta offers to gather information for Mat (CoT, Ch. 28).


"We could listen in the towns and villages where we stop, too, my Lord. The girls can be shifty, but you can trust us." (Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 28)