Demotions and Unaffiliations

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This page lists current members who have demoted from the Tower Sworn rank in order to find a new home among the Ajahs and Companies, as well as Aes Sedai and Gaidin who have left their former Ajah or Company without demoting. It also lists members who have regained the Tower Sworn rank or officially joined another Ajah or Company after unaffiliation.

Unaffiliated Tower Sworn

People who took the opportunity to leave their former Community Group while remaining Aes Sedai or Gaidin.

Reaffiliated Tower Sworn

People who have officially joined a new Community Group after having left their previous one.

Aes Sedai


Demoted Members

People who were previously Tower Sworn, but took the opportunity to step back to either Tower Initiate level (by using the Guesting System) or Citizen.

Tower Sworn

People who have regained Tower Sworn status after taking a demotion.

Aes Sedai