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The major events at TarValon.Net in 2022.


In early March, the Department of Community Outreach was dissolved and replaced with two new departments: the Department of Online Events and the Department of Outreach.




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Online Events

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Bel Tine 2022

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Bel Tine 2022 was held between April 8 – 15.

Shaoman 2022

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November 11-14, held in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

April 22 - 24, held in Atlanta, Georgia. 32 members attended.

September 16 - 19, held in Devon, England. 13 people attended.


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Amyrlin's Awards
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Keeper's Awards
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Merit Awards
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Members' Choice Awards
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In March, Faeril Munlear was hired as the first Director of Outreach, and Aintza Bisera as the first Director of Online Events. In April, three new Directors were hired: Ahmyra al'Ruley took over as Director of Events and Conferences, Siera al'Cere as Director of Marketing, and Loraella Melodie as Director of Membership.