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During the 2010 Admin Meeting, a proposal was made to create a new department called the Department of Visual Resources. After discussion during the meeting, the proposal was accepted but with a name change to the Department of Marketing. The department's initial responsibilities included the creation of all official site logos, and the creation of a consistent visual identity for the site. Merchandising and social networking were also transferred to this department's duties. The first director of this department was Meilen Gevedon. The role of Tower Voice officially moved from the Department of Research into the newly formed Department of Marketing.


During the summer, Meilen Gevedon officially retired as director, and was replaced by Kytheria al'Shea. Shortly after the new director started, Mhór Rioghain Blathnaid was hired to join Loraella Melodie as Tower Voices for 2011. In November, Erin al'Denael decided to retire from the long held position of Tar Valon Times Editor, and was replaced by Jeffan Caliarthan.


The Graphics Development Team switched to a 6-month term rotation schedule in 2012. In August, Mhór Rioghain Blathnaid, one of the Tower Voices, stepped down from her Voice position. Ray Soin was hired to be co-Voice with Laralelle Susandrea. Also in August, Jeffan Caliarthan left the position of Editor of the Tar Valon Times (TVT). Later in the year, Stephen Lightheart was hired as Editor, and Taelinn Dolivras became the first Tar Valon Times Assistant Editor.

A flyer was created during this year to promote our website and community to the public. Members were able to email Marketing to acquire the flyer so they could distribute them in their communities.


In August, Stephen Lightheart stepped down from the position of Tar Valon Times Editor and was replaced by his assistant Taelinn Dolivras. At the end of 2012, Kytheria al'Shea was replaced as director by Ariadne Davion.

During this year, the TVT Staff forum moved from the public eye to a more private location allowing the team to brainstorm editions with more surprises for the community. This was first proposed during the Spring 2013 Admin Meeting and was implemented in December. At the beginning of the year Marketing made an open call for suggestions for a Community Tagline to use on various forms of advertising, from flyers, ads and even business cards. These suggestions were then put to vote in late April. The winning Tagline was “Where Fiction Becomes Friendship” with 33.3% of the vote, “Reading. Belonging. Doing.” was a close second with 21.4% of the vote. The winning submission was suggested by Alyssa Letherio.


In April, Laralelle Susandrea was replaced as Tower Voice by Enelya al'Morna. In mid-July Reniel Killan‎ stepped down from External Marketing Coordinator and the position went through a few revisions before the vacancy was ready for hiring. In October, the Editor of the Tar Valon Times, Taelinn Dolivras, was hired as the Head of her Ajah, and after a month’s hiring process Jeffan Caliarthan was chosen as replacement, with Maibella Rhoiden as the new Assistant Editor.

At the very beginning of the year, the department began discussing the progress on the creation of new group logos. Heads of Ajah, Company Commanders, and their chosen seconds were invited to the table to discuss the project, and after a month of talks, the department received vital feedback for the future logos. May saw the change in Ajah and Company colors to associated Pantone colors, effectively standardizing their print color. July started the second discussion on the logos and further feedback from the Hall. In this discussion the Hall members were allowed to bring their prospective logos back to their membership groups. This was the first time the logo progression had been shared with a broader group. Feedback was collected until the beginning of August when it was once again brought back into Marketing for final revisions. The official logos were released November 10, 2014, over a month ahead of their prospective completion date.

During this year, the department also decided to include Zazzle as a second option to CafePress for TarValon.Net merchandise. The decision was made to leave the shop open for one year and then re-evaluate its use.


During the first half of this year, Jeffan Caliarthan stepped down as Tar Valon Times Editor and Maibella Rhoiden took the role in May. Zandera Sommers became the new Assistant Editor. At the beginning of April, Ray Soin stepped down as Tower Voice. He was replaced by Aintza Bisera who served as Tower Voice until June 2015, when the Tower Voice position was folded into the Social Marketing Team. The new Social Marketing Team was announced at the end of April, and the first new staff were appointed on the first of June. The position of Social Marketing Manager was advertised in September and Ne'Mireth Delvar was hired on October 19.

The Zazzle account for merchandise was officially closed during this year, as it was decided it did not benefit the community. The CafePress shop remained open.


In March, Kyla Sterling replaced Zandera Sommers as the Tar Valon Times Assistant Editor. On December 4, our Project Manager Siera al'Cere stepped down to serve as Graphic Staff, and hiring for the position continued into 2017.

The Tar Valon Times was published on the first of every month throughout 2016. The highest number of articles in one edition was 23 and the lowest was 6. The average number of articles in each edition was 15. (From June through December 2015, the average number of articles in each edition was 17.)

The Graphics Request forum became public so small graphics requests could be fulfilled by the community.

The Social Media team expanded in 2016 and added new social media channels to our mix: Pinterest, Tumblr (reddit), and Instagram. The team decided to start posting more content such as: General content related to threads on the site, Tar Valon Times, Motivational Mondays, Trivia Tuesdays, and other trivial social stuff.


In April, Jaryd Kosari became the new Director of the Department of Marketing.


In August, Jeffan Caliarthan became the new Director of the Department of Marketing. In October, he handed over the role of Social Marketing Manager to Bruce al'Kay.

A few different initiatives were implemented in 2018. The decision to change the format of the Tar Valon Times was made, as well as the decision to promote our Wiki Library articles in Marketing. The official site logo was updated, giving equal representation to all of our Ajahs and Companies.

The Four Pillars concept to use in marketing our community to the wider fan base was approved by the Board.

The Four Pillars of TarValon.Net:

  1. Our Online Community: TarValon.Net has a strong presence online year round. We have forums that get hundreds of posts daily, with a strong community structure, as well as a chat room.
  2. Our Real Life Community: With members all over the world, we have three official events every year, as well as a strong presence at JordanCon. We also have dozens of local events every year all around the world.
  3. Our Library: We have a dedicated wiki filled with information about the series that's constantly being updated. Our library was referenced by Team Jordan for quick information when they needed to look something up when finishing the series.
  4. Our Philanthropy: We have the annual Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship, as well as causes that we give to throughout the year. We do everything that we can to embody the "Servant of All" aspect of the Aes Sedai represented in the novels.


In January, the Social Marketing Manager position was renamed Social Media Manager and transitioned from Bruce al'Kay to Alenya Al'Roran. In July, Jeffan Caliarthan stepped down as Director, and Alenya Al'Roran took over the position. In September, Atarah al'Norahn took over as Tar Valon Times Editor when Maibella ni Rhoiden t'al'Varrak resigned after more than four years in the role.


Three years after the position became vacant, Stasia t'Andrei was hired as the new Marketing Project Manager. In the summer, Bruce al'Kay became the new Social Media Manager. Later in the year, Aleita Taviah replaced Atarah al'Norahn as Tar Valon Times Editor.


In February, Ne'Mireth Delvar took over the position as Social Media Manager. An Assistant position was created and Siera al'Cere was the first one hired on it. Later that month, Alenya Al'Roran left the Director position to take over the Department of Membership. She was replaced by Aleita Taviah. A month later, Siera al'Cere succeeded Stasia t'Andrei as Marketing Project Manager while stepping down from Assistant Social Media Manager.

In April were hired the first members of the Tar Valon Talks Staff team, which would start creating podcast episodes for the Tower. Ael Nisrathe, Aintza Bisera, Jahily al'Karee and Thaddius al'Guy joined the Department in this capacity. At the same time Aleita Taviah was replaced as Tar Valon Times Editor by Jahily al'Karee, who transitioned the position of Tar Valon Times Assistant Editor to Leala ni al'Dareis t'al'Caleum.

In November the Department announced new simplified membership group logos and introduced brand new Department specific logos.

In the beginning of December, Ne'Mireth Delvar stepped down as Social Media Manager and was replaced by Siera al'Cere. Ne'Mireth in turn was hired as Siera's Assistant Social Media Manager along with Dreia Raieese.


In February, Ne'Mireth Delvar stepped down as Assistant Social Media Manager.

In late March, Aleita Taviah resigned as Director of Marketing, and in April Siera al'Cere was announced as her successor.