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TarValon.Net is a Wheel of Time-based online community. TarValon.Net's members strive to become true Servants of All in the real world. The community hosts fundraisers, blood drive, a scholarship, and real life and online events for its members.

The main communication between the members of the community happens on the forums. The community also has a Discord server.

The Library

TarValon.Net's Library (or simply the Library) is an extensive knowledge base on all things Wheel of Time (including book and television series) and TarValon.Net's history. The Library is in the form of a wiki and is powered by MediaWiki software.

Library articles are written and edited on a volunteer basis by members of TarValon.Net. All articles submitted in the Library are automatically copyrighted and are TarValon.Net's property; they should not be distributed without the knowledge of TarValon.Net, or used for personal or otherwise monetary gain. Please read the TarValon.Net Library Copyright Policy for more information.

Contributing to the Library also has its benefits - there are several Merit Badges that can be earned by editing or writing articles for the Library.

The Manual

The Library Manual aims to help new members get acquainted with how to edit Library articles.

The Library Manual includes the Library's Manual of Style to help existing and new editors with helpful explanations of how the Library is structured, and even how to write wiki code.

The Manual of Style aims to create consistency between Library articles that might not otherwise exist due to articles being written by people all over the world. Please use the manual when editing or submitting new articles.

This page will help editors or writers edit and submit their articles about the Wheel of Time book series.

This page will help editors or writers edit and submit their articles about the Wheel of Time television series.

This page will help editors with editing TarValon.Net community pages. Although most of these pages are being handled by the Historians, there is still room for improvement in some categories.

This page provides information on the basics of wiki code.

A page on how to navigate the layout and most important links and tabs of the Library.

A page on how to search for a page or category in the Library.

If you see an article that needs editing, but you cannot or do not want to do it yourself, this page explains how to request edits.

All Library Manual pages are found under the Category:Library Manual.

Questions or suggestions about the Library Manual should be emailed to the Director of Research and Records at