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The TarValon.Net Membership Manual contains additional information on this topic.

Although a person who has attained the rank of Gaidin or Aes Sedai at TarValon.Net will keep that rank indefinitely, occasionally a person will choose to leave the site and ask to be removed from our list of members. Others may choose to step back and become a Citizen, or leave the site and then return to the ranks. Very occasionally a person may breach the code of conduct so severely they are banned from the site. Some of these people previously held positions at TarValon.Net, or contributed articles in the library.

Absent Members

People who have not been at the site in years, but who are not known to have officially retired. Thus, they would be entitled to their rank if they chose to return.

Retired Members

‎People who are known to have left the site.

Returned Members

Tower Sworn who officially retired from the site but returned to work their way up the ranks again.

Banned Members

Main article: Banned Members