Dralyn Montsier

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Greenheader1.png Dralyn is an Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. She is bonded to Jayrik Thaurturion, Rollyn Montagorae, and Rhed al'Tere.

Dralyn Montsier
Real Name Amanda
Location Northern Alabama, USA
Birthday March 8
TarValon.Net Information
Affiliation Green Ajah
Rank Aes Sedai
Join Date May 2002
Bonded to Jayrik Thaurturion, Rollyn Montagorae & Rhed al'Tere
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Greenheader2.png Tower History

  • Joined TarValon.Net: May 1, 2002
  • Joined Tower:
  • Raised Accepted: July 20, 2002
  • Raised White Aes Sedai: September 2002
  • Somewhat unofficially joined the Green: April 2010
  • Joined the Green Ajah: January 4, 2011
  • Also Green: March 5, 2011

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Other Recognition



Membership Merit Platinum 300.png Senior Membership Merit Platinum 300.png


Events Attendance Merit Gold 300.png Amyrlins Award Merit 300.png Climbing The Ladder Merit 300.png Globetrotter Merit 300.png Officer Merit Gold 300.png Executive Merit Gold 300.png Staff Merit Gold 300.png Copywriting Merit Gold 300.png


Members Choice Award 300.png Members Choice Award 300.png Members Choice Award 300.png Mentoring Merit Silver 300.png

Privileges Earned

  • Events Discount
  • Extra Bond


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Other Tower Relationships

Greenheader2.png Official Event Attendance

Greenheader2.png Tower Sworn Interview

February 14, 2008

Are you like a rock and have a serene face all the time?

Usually not. I spend more time laughing or smiling than anything else.

How was your time as Citizen/Novice/Accepted?

I was only ever a novice and Accepted, and I enjoyed it immensely. I was a goody-two-shoes but loved watching the antics of everyone else.

How long have you been a member of TV.net?

Since May 2002.

What things do you do for TV.net?

I am currently Keeper of Chronicles, which means I do a bit of everything. Almost everything I do is behind the scenes. It's obvious to my Directors but not so obvious to the general membership.

How did you get to read the Series?

My husband got me reading them.

Who is your mentee, if you have one?

I have a couple, and I have no clue who they are at this time. *laughs* I tend to take on mentees who don't need a lot of attention simply because I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to them. I know that I have Sasha and Katherine as two mentees, but they're both Accepted. Anyone else, I have no clue.

Who is your favorite character of the Series? Favorite Nation?

Min is my favorite character. I don't have a favorite nation.

Have you ever attended any Real Life Functions? Did you like them if you did, and why? (Why do you think people should come to any future functions?)

I have attended several--Dragon*Con 2002, Anni 2003, Dragon*Con 2005, Anni 2006, Dragon*Con 2006, Anni 2007, and Dragon*con 2007, not to mention two administrative meetings. I love them all, but I particularly love Dragon*Con and will probably still be attending long after I am active at TarValon.Net.

What kind of music do you like?

Everything but opera. Not too fond of country either.

What are your favorite movies?

I have lots--anything Baz Luhrman has made, Lilo and Stitch. Too many to name right now. *laughs*

What is the craziest/stupidest thing you've ever done?

Umm...I can't write that out for everyone to see. :look

What job do you have?

Domestic Engineer.

What languages do you speak?

English, with some Classical Latin and Spanish.

What profession did you want to have when you were a kid?


Randland or our world?

Our world--internet ftw!

Alviarin or Seaine?


Books or movies?

I love both.

Candles or lamps?