Lord of Chaos: Chapter 4

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Two Ravens Chapter Icon.png

A Sense of Humor

Chapter Icon: Two Ravens

Point of View: Rand

Setting: The army tents, Tear

Characters: Rand, Weiramon, Enaila, Somara, Roidan, Jheran, Dhearic, Erim, Bruan, Maira, Leiran, Liah, Han, Meneril, Torean, Sulin, Sunamon, Estevan, Semaradrid, Tolmeran


Rand travels through the camp, where he sees Cairhienin and Tairens trying to ignore each other. He learns the nobles under him are still basically ignoring the Aiel. After failing to laugh at Aiel humor, he tells them a joke, to prove he has a sense of humor, which they fail to get. He returns to the command tent where he is concerned that Lews Therin's voice may have heard him until he learns that Hearne and Simaan have left to join a rebellion lead by Darlin. He says all in rebellion have had their lands and titles stripped, but that any who surrender will have their lives spared, in an attempt to not condemn Estanda. Holding a war council, he has to tell Weiramon not to send his forces immediately and to wait till he has amassed a large enough army. Weiramon ignores the Aiel and any intelligence reports their scouts bring back. Semaradrid and Tolmeran disapprove of the plan, but stay silent. After the nobles have left, he talks to the chiefs who had stayed silent as they are ignored by the nobles. Han suggests sending a clan against the rebels, but Rand insists he has more important things to do. Jheran suggests launching the Aiel against Illian without the others, but is also turned down and later tells the Aiel chiefs the same, again failing to understand their humor. Enaila and Somara advise him on how to regain Aviendha's interest. He then returns to his own tent, where he is pleased at a kind word from Aviendha.

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