Medore Damara

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Medore Damara is a highly-ranked Tairen noblewoman. She is the daughter of High Lord Astoril Damara (TSR, Ch. 2; WH, Ch. 6). She likely has at least one sister, because Astoril is referred to as having more than one daughter (TSR, Ch. 2).

She is also one of the young Tairens and Cairhienin who try to emulate the Aiel, and has sworn herself into Faile's service as a member of Cha Faile (WH, Ch. 6). At one point, Perrin thinks that Medore looks every inch a High Lord's daughter and leader of Faile's people; either this is a mistake, or she simply holds a higher rank among the members of Cha Faile. Selande is very definitely the leader, and Medore defers to her (WH, Ch. 6; KoD, Ch. 12).

Medore is a tall woman, with bright blue eyes in a dark face and a full bosom. She is just short of beautiful (WH, Ch. 6). Perrin thinks to himself that she looks every inch a noblewoman, and that men's clothes do not suit her (CoT, Ch. 25).


  • Her name is not directly mentioned, but we later learn that Medore accompanies Perrin and Faile to Ghealdan with the rest of Cha Faile (ACoS, Ch. 27; WH, Ch. 6).
  • When Perrin refuses to give the members of Cha Faile their horses, saying that they can walk like the Aiel that they are attempting to emulate, Medore argues. Selande tells her that they will discuss her toh that night. Even though Medore outranks Selande, since her father is a High Lord of Tear, Medore acquiesces to Selande's wishes as Selande is the leader of the Cha Faile society. Perrin ends up giving the horses back to them when they agree to obey him until they rescue Faile (WH, Ch. 6).
  • Balwer tells Perrin that Medore would be a good choice for someone to spy on Berelain; her position as High Lord Astoril's daughter gives her sufficient rank and reason to approach Berelain. Perrin agrees, and Balwer leaves to speak with Medore (CoT, Ch. 5).
  • Perrin learns that Berelain knows about the two Cha Faile spies in Masema's camp, Haviar and Nerion. He thinks to himself that Balwer will have to be warned before he sets Medore to spy on Berelain, because Berelain might realize what Medore's job is (CoT, Ch. 6).
  • Balwer, Medore and Latian decide to accompany Perrin and Berelain into So Habor. When Berelain asks what Medore and Latian are doing there, Balwer says he will vouch for them, and that they have promised not to cause any trouble (CoT, Ch. 25).
  • Medore and Latian look ill as they enter So Habor (CoT, Ch. 26).
  • When they are inside So Habor, Balwer, Medore and Latian head up a street leading north to see a friend (likely an informant) of Balwer's (CoT, Ch. 26).
  • Medore's name is not mentioned again in Crossroads of Twilight, but it can be assumed that she stays with Balwer and Latian in So Habor and leaves with them when they find Tallanvor (CoT, Ch. 26; Ch. 27).
  • When Perrin goes into Almizar with Tylee Khirgan of the Seanchan, Medore and Balwer accompany them. The story is that Medore is visiting a friend of Balwer's. Balwer is actually in a frenzy to learn what he can about what is happening in Amadicia under the Seanchan, and Medore is accompanying him. Medore follows Balwer instead of riding beside him, and Perrin thinks to himself that Faile's followers have accepted taking direction from Balwer (KoD, Ch. 12).
  • Her name is not directly mentioned, but it is likely that Medore aids in the rescue of Faile and that she is among the members of Cha Faile who crowd around her after she is rescued (KoD, Ch. 12; Ch. 29; Ch. 30).


  • Estean cannot decide which of Astoril's daughters to marry; he thinks he might marry Medore, because she has two or three pretty maids (TSR, Ch. 2).
  • Her favorite horse is Redwing, the horse that Perrin would not give back to her until after Cha Faile swore to obey him (WH, Ch. 6).


"Supposedly, Medore's father was an aging man who had retired to his country estates years ago, but Astoril was still a High Lord for all that. As those things were reckoned, that put his daughter well above Selande, only a minor noble in Cairhien. Yet Medore swallowed hard, and her eyes widened till she looked as though she expected to be skinned alive." (Perrin thinking about Medore and Selande's ranks; Winter's Heart, Chapter 6).

"Two of Faile's hangers-on trailed after [Balwer] with defiant expressions. Medore's blue eyes looked odd in her dark Tairen face, but then, her coat, with its puffy green-striped sleeves, looked odd on her bosomy frame. The daughter of a High Lord, she was every inch a noblewoman, and men's clothing just did not suit her." (Perrin; Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 25).