The Brown Ajah in 2019

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19: Ashlyn Sindal becomes Heart. Zashara Sho'am and Jeryn Lekar dissolve their Bond.

26: Tallan Daar leaves the Outreach Activities Team.


7: Eluial Aldaran leaves the Tar Valon Times Staff.


22 - 25: Keladria Tulin and Lilli O'Neeus attend Anniversary Party 2019 in Ariel, Washington, USA.

23: Eluial Aldaran is awarded the Member of the Year Amyrlin's Award.

24: Tallan Daar wins a Members' Choice Award for Most Representative of Ajah, and the award for Best Bonded Couple goes to Wil Cambrae and the Brown Ajah.


1: Elia LePhant and Stasia t'Andrei are chosen as Sitters for the Spring 2019 term.

26 - 28: Adolla Ceryia, Alexstrasz Ruskein, Amela Ba'asa, Elia LePhant, Eniara Kisharad, Jenalla Selar, Serenla Tamowith, Shaerlyn Storna, Sulamein Jorh'aran, and Yelenia Hylraren attend JordanCon 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


3: Elia LePhant joins the Graphics Development Team.

8: Zashara Sho'am becomes Heart.

13: Alenya Al'Roran Aspires. Zashara Sho'am Bonds Deoan Kakarot.


6: Alenya Al'Roran becomes Director of Marketing.

14: Tallan Daar steps down as Olde Warder and Hen Forum and Education and Employment/ Home and Garden/ Health and Fitness /Sports Fanatics/ Entertainment Forum Moderator.

22: Aloren Tarabutton leaves the Graphics Development Team.

27: Alexstrasz Ruskein becomes Events Historian.

31: Thaddius al'Guy Aspires.


7: Alenya Al'Roran is raised Aes Sedai.

21: Elia LePhant becomes Director of Community Outreach.


9: Alenya Al'Roran joins the Outreach Activities Team.

17: Lilli O'Neeus joins the Social Marketing Team.

28: Sindra Bell and Sataere Thruthheim dissolve their Bond.


1: Loraella Melodie and Serenla Tamowith are chosen as Sitters for the Fall 2019 term.

6: Sindra Bell Bonds Barmacral Tigana.


14: Zashara Sho'am steps down as Mafia Moderator.

15: Thaddius al'Guy becomes Mafia Moderator.

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